Thursday, August 21, 2014

Half way there. . .

Hola familia y amigos!
The days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days here. Time has flown by, I´m already halfway through which seems so fast but it also feels like i´ve been here for months. i´ll try to remember everything that happened this week but sorry if it isn´t much detail. 

friday and saturdays last forever because its hard to go back to class after pday. but sundays are the best and mondaywednesdayfriday are a blur. 

this sunday i was able to sing in sacrament meeting with hermana Coombs, elder neeley, elder dyal and elder dickson. we sang nearer my God to thee in spanish. we were all able to harmonize and elder dyal played a sweet arrangement on the piano. it was so much fun. it felt good to sing again. 

for sunday devotional we watched the video of elder Holland speaking at the provo mtc. it was soooo good. i love elder holland so much. it was all about being better missionaries with pmg and then at the end he shared the story from the new testament when Christ asks Peter three times if he loves him. he said that we have to commit everything to the Lord. we cant go back or dwell on our old life. we have to love the Lord with all our heart might mind and strength. we aren{t just missionaries for two years, we are disciples of Jesus Christ for eternity. it got me so pumped to be a missionary. 

class is pretty much the same, sometimes it feels like im back in high school spanish class haha. but our district has so much fun. i know that i talk about how great they are in every email but its so true. I love everyone in our district so much, the elders have become like brothers to me and it just makes being here so much better, easier and the idea of leaving so much harder. 

we still play lots of volleyball everyday. we had some latino elders that played with us and they were so much fun. we called them our homies. they left this past monday for their missions though and we already miss them. they made playing way more exciting. hna coombs and i were able to take pictures with them, along with our latina friends in our casa. ill try to send you the pics. 

last night we played spanish jeapordy to study as a district and it was the best. we all got into it. it felt like i was hanging out with my best friends. the district has started playing the dart game where you shoot imaginary darts at people if you make eye contact and they have to freeze until someone comes and pulls the dart out. we even got our afternoon teacher hermana garcia to play too haha. 

we taught our pretend investigator Rosa the other day and she (hermana garcia) really liked our lesson. we had drawn and cut out little pictures to help explain the plan of salvation and laid them out while we taught. she liked it so much she took a picture with her phone haha. teaching and spanish has been getting easier. i don{t understand grammar very well though. or at least the mechanics behind it. but overall we´ve been pleased with our ability to teach. and its all because of the holy ghost =)

Hermana Coombs is the best. seriously i love her. there are some hermanas in our room that are struggling and i thank Heavenly Father every night that i got hna Coombs because she is so easy to work with and we have so much fun together. i feel so grateful. 

Hermana Coombs and some elders have been getting lots of letter and packages in the mail... im not saying, im just sayin... =)

I had a dream the other night that Scottie was in the CCM with me and i got soooo excited. it made me miss him a lot though. 

SHOUT OUT TO KALENE! you´re the best, thanks for sending me that email. i miss you tons. 

SINA woman, thanks for emailing me. have fun at school. 

MOM AND DAD the pictures are fantastic, thanks so much for sending them. they made my day. i love the one with mom looking out the window of the room i stayed in, my heart filled with joy knowing that youre now seeing all the same things i have. isnt saint malo just the most amazing place in the world? oh those pictures make me want to be there with you so much. tell Oceane and Pascale i say hi and i love them very much and thank you for hosting you. im glad you all had the chance to go to church, that must have been so cool for all of you. oceane has a boyfriend? so exciting! tell her i want an email with all the details haha. 

i know i´ve only been here three weeks and i´m not even out in the field yet but i already feel so blessed and overjoyed for the opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. I have moments when i realize that i can think of no greater joy that to be able to tell someone that their deceased loved one is not lost forever, than to tell a husband and wife that their love can last through eternity. to tell a family that they can be together forever. to tell a grieving mother that her baby is waiting for her in the arms of God. I can think of no greater joy than to watch the same gospel that has blessed my life since the day i was born, work miracles in the lives of others. 
it will be hard to leave the ccm but i am so excited to be a representative of Jesus Christ and share His gospel to the people of Chile. 

miss you all! lots of love!
Hermana Williams

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