Friday, August 29, 2014

Week 5


time has gone by so fast, im already on week five. i leave for Chile in around 10 days! 
this week has been a blur. 
the district above us left for their missions this past monday so now we are the oldest missionaries in our zone. it was so sad to say goodbye. we got pretty close with the hermanas, now there are only Hna Coombs and me and two other hermanas below us. We took pictures and wrote each other little notes of encouragement. ill try to attach pictures. 

I gave a talk in church this past sunday. they have this whole system where everyone writes a five minute talk in spanish and then they randomly pick people to speak during the meeting. i got picked. i talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ and repentance. i think it went pretty well. first time giving a talk in spanish!

P days are both wonderful and aweful all at the same time. i love relaxing and emailing and hanging out with my district but after emailing pdays are the time when im most homesick. last p day we played a new game called 3 kick kill with our district for two hours it was super fun. then there was more volleyball. always more volleyball. we found some new Latino friends to play with us!

Hna Coombs and i made Latina friends, we call them our homies. they are so cute and hilarious and sweet and patient with our spanish. Hna Callauga from Peru and Hna Auguiña from Mexico. we sit with them at lunch sometimes and see them around campus. they are our favorites. the first time we met they had me sing to them cause Hna Coombs told them i could sing well. they said they went home and wrote about it in their journals. so cute! we took pics with them today too. 

we have TRC now which is where we get to teach real ´people who volunteer. or if not real then other missionaries who volunteer and pretend. thats my favorite time to teach because its less focused on having a really set plan and more on getting to know someone new and teaching to needs. I think im really starting to love teaching. 

we have something called Peve which is preparation day eve. we celebrate it every wednesday night as a zone. last night we played spanish jeopardy as a district and then gospel jeapordy as a zone. so much fun. the elders in our district have this game going with a points system of trying to steal eachothers name tags. its hilarious. 

i miss singing and dancing a lot. dancing specifically because i cant do it here haha. and every friday or saturday night we can here the fiesta music outside the ccm walls. it makes me miss dancing so much haha. I can still sing though. I sing hymns a lot and hna coombs and elder Neeley always start harmonizing with me and its great. 

a hermana in our  casa is going home today. shes been sick for the past two weeks. shes in the same district as our roommates Hna Wilemon and hna Moses. its so sad, im going to really miss her. now Wilemon, Moses and the other companion are going to be trio and they are moving into the other room so hna Coombs and i are going to be all alone in our room. we´re disappointed. we´re going to miss coming home to them at night. 

Im learning a lot and loving it here. Hna Coombs and i are getting a little antsy though, we want to get out to chile asap. im still very frightened of the idea of Chile but im excited to start teaching real people. I know that this church is true and i know that i am meant to be here. never once has the thought of going home crossed my mind. The Lord blesses me with miracles everyday. Im so happy to have the gift and opportunity to be a representative of Jesus Christ. 

Hermana Williams

Our Latina "Homies"

more hermanas, Hna Price ( had a byu class with her) and hna Armstrong

the hermanas above us we had to say goodbye to. Hermana Merril and hna Osborne

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