Tuesday, December 22, 2015

December 21, 2015- Trio Part 2

Hola familia y amigos, 

Feliz Navidad! It`s been raining and sunny every other day here so it doesn't really feel like Christmas. This week was crazy, a ton happened. 

On Tuesday my companion, Hna Torres had to leave for Punta Arenas. She has a lot of stuff and it took her a long time to pack. I had to convince her to leave things behind. We kind of had an emergency transfer when the zone leaders called and said that we needed to be in Rio Bueno in an hour. Hna Torres freaked out and started laughing hysterically from the stress because she wasn't going to be ready in one hour. Two hours later we made it to Rio Bueno! 

Apparently all Chilean airports were going on strike so we had to hurry and send Hna Torres on her flight to Punta Arenas before they closed everything.  I stayed with the hermanas in Rio Bueno, Hna Kogianes and Hna Torres (from Argentina). Yes, I got to be companions with Hna Kogianes again! 

Hna Torres2 (Hna Torres from Argentina ,I shall  call her Torres2) was finishing her mission. She was supposed to be in Osorno on Wednesday but with the airport strike no one was going home. Crazy cambios happened and she stayed in trio with us (triplet companionship) on Wednesday we traveled to Osorno to drop Hna Kogianes off at the terminal so she could travel to Valdivia to be with her new companion. I stayed with Hna Torres2 and we waited for my new companion Hna Villena. She arrived 2 hours later. 

Hna Villena is de Ecuador! She came from Valdivia, Rio Cruces and knows Rodrigo and Margareth! She has 4 months in the mission. I'm her third companion. 

 Hna Villena and Torres2 and I stayed and worked in trio in San Pablo for three days. Hna Torres2 was a good sport, but she was stressed out about not going home, her family was probably freaking out. We joked about how she was in overtime and her authority card already expired so we should be able to have tons of lessons with member present haha. But it was super fun to work with both of them. Hnas Torres2 and Villena are really relaxed and quiet and chill, the opposite of Hna Torres de Colombia haha. I miss her and su merced haha. 

On Thursday we had to build a giant Bible costume out of cardboard. The zone leaders asked us to make one for a Christmas activity the next day. I never knew a Bible could take so much time to make. But it was fun to get to know the hermanas better. 

We taught the Familia F on Thursday.We invited them to be baptized and they told us they're tired of the missionaries always asking them to be baptized. They don't feel prepared and they want to wait.... it was a little disappointing, but at least they were honest with us. They said they have desires to be baptized in the future but not so soon. They want to investigate the church for a couple years... so they're not really progressing that much right now. but we're still going to pass by every once in a while to read the Book of Mormon with them and invite them to church. 

Their son, V is 29 years old, but looks like he's 24. His progress is different. He likes the church but he works a ton. He's gone for 3 or 4 weeks at a time so he can't commit to anything.  We're going to keep trying with him. 

Friday in the afternoon we had a big Christmas missionary activity. We went to Osorno and a choir sang Christmas carols in the plaza and we contacted and passed out balloons and cookies to everyone. The elders dressed up as the Bible and the Book of Mormon and took selfies with people haha. 

Saturday Hna Torres2 finally went home!  We sent her to osorno in the morning. We had fasted that she and the other missionaries would be able to go home and  a day later the zone leaders called and said she was going home. Miracles happen!!!!!

It was super fun to be in a trio, I'm going to miss Hna Torres2. 

Now Hna Villena and I are together just the 2 of us in San Pablo. She`s used to busy crowded Valdivia so she got here and was like "where are all the people?" haha. The members are super excited to be able to 'kill me off', or rather that I'm ending my mission here. They say they are already planning my farewell party. 

Sunday we only had Victor in church. It was our Christmas program and I sang a solo of Away in a Manger. We did the same missionary activity in the plaza of La Union and it went well. We walked a lot 

Hna Villena caught a cold. She`s not feeling very well but she`s still really excited to work hard and be here in San Pablo. 

It was a great week and time is flying by and im really enjoying the 12 Days of Christmas packet that Mom and Dad sent me. I'm trying to improve on being more grateful and prayerful during the day. 

I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas! I know that Jesus is the Christ and that He lives and that He is the Savior of the world. I'm so grateful to be His missionary. 

love, hermana williams

Saturday, December 19, 2015

December 14, 2015 - The Final Countdown

Hola familia y amigos, 

I have officially started my last transfer in the mission. In exactly 6 weeks I will be coming home. Scary. We found out transfers today in the morning...

I am staying in San Pablo and Hna Torres is going to Punta Arenas to be in my first sector Ovejero!!! I am receiving a new companion. She`s Latin. That's all I know. I can't even remember her name... but she's relatively new and she`s coming from Valdivia. 

I think I'm more excited that Hna Torres is going to Punta Arenas than she is... she`ll be able to see Victor y Blanca and Nibaldo and everybody!!! 

Well the most exciting part of this week is that Marion was baptized!!!!! She was baptized and confirmed on Tuesday and the baptism was beautiful! I sang Abide With Me Tis Eventide. In the morning we had to clean and fill the baptismal font and the water was way too hot, we had to turn the cold water on and wait a bit so that she could enter haha. After the service we borrowed her husband's keys and ran to their house and decorated it with white balloons and gifted her a hymnal. It was awesome. She was baptized by an hermano in the Branch, because her husband doesn't have the priesthood yet. But they are super happy and excited to go the temple next!
Marion's baptism.

On Thursday we had a huge mission conference and a member of the Setenta came to talk to us, Elder Texeira. It was awesome to listen to him and he gave us tons of advice and guess what.... I SAW HERMANA BRAITHWAITE!!! It was a glorious reunion. We ran and embraced each other like a slow motion movie scene haha. It was so good to see her and it was hard to say goodbye afterwards. 

Friday we had intercambios with the hermanas lideres and I went to Osorno again with Hna Call. Hna Call finishes her mission this week. It's funny because I was her first intercambio when she was called as hermana lider and friday I was her last intercambio. Sweet. 
Hermanas Williams and Braithwaite reunited!

Saturday the branch had a big luau Hawaii activity and the Familia Fuentealba came! It was hilarious because their daughter, Karen is 11 years old. She really wanted to go to the party but then her parents said no, we're going to Osorno... and she cried! She cried so hard that her parents changed their minds and they all came to the party haha. We had a blast and they showed a short 10 minute video from the church about us Mormons, It was awesome. 

Sunday we had 2 investigators in the church. Victor came alone because his family ended up going to Osorno after the party and didn't get home until super late so they never woke up in the morning. We picked up an elderly man who we contacted yesterday and said he wanted to go to church with him, We walked with him and a member and he stayed for all the classes.We`re going to visit him on Wednesday, His name is Osbaldo. 

That same night there was a young women's activity and we brought Karen to it and she really liked the program; she wants to come to mutual now. She`s only 11, but more young woman than Primary. 

It rained really hard all weekend, so I take my words back about sunshine and heat. But the pulgas (fleas) are back. They are eating my ankles. One bit me right where my spider scar is.
Hnas. Williams & Torres at Branch activity.

We`re getting closer to Christmas, we've been sharing the new video with people and I`ve been trying to sing everybody Christmas carols haha. We still don't know all the details for Christmas yet, I don't know with whom we are going to skype... probably in the Relief Society Presidents house. but I`ll let you know next Monday. 

San Pablo Branch Activity
Those are all the highlights of this week. I'm really excited for my last transfer... it doesn't feel real.  I'm determined to make the best of my last 6 weeks. I'm grateful to be a servant of the Lord. 

Thanks for all the letters and love, 
have a great week!

love, hermana williams

December 7, 2015 - Here Comes the Sun!

Hola familia y amigos, 

This week was great! It`s starting to feel like summer here in San Pablo. The sun has come out and we've been dying under the heat haha. I had my first sun burn of the season, but don't worry mom, I've been putting sunscreen on everyday. San Pablo is beautiful in the summer, with tons of roses and cherry trees in bloom. Hna Torres says there are no cherries in her country, so she's been taking tons of photos and stealing tons of cherries off of people's trees. 

This week we had lots of lessons and contacts and walking in the sun. Nothing really that exciting no crazy mission stories. 

Monday we taught the familia F and it turns out their oldest son is more receptive than they are haha. He hasn't been living in the house with them for awhile for work, but now he is.  He was super excited about everything we had to teach. He told us he wanted to come to church on Sunday!

On Thursday our mission president, Pres. Obeso came to San Pablo for interviews. I had a real nice talk with him. We mentioned our investigator Marion to him and it turns out he already knows her. He came to church in San Pablo once and she was there, This was over a year ago. He knows that she's been attending church and investigating the church for a long time. We explained that we put her with a baptismal date but it keeps falling because she has to work on Sundays. We thought that she needs to attend church at least 3 times with us but he told us that's a lie! She has been investigating the church for so long that she can be baptized whenever she wants to. We don't have to worry about church attendance or reteaching her the lessons or anything! MIRACLE we were shocked and so happy. 

We ran to Marion's house to tell her the good news but before we even explained what happened she told us that her job didn't renew her contract and now she`s not working. Sad that she lost her job but at the same time its a miracle because now shes not working every Sunday!!!! We told her the good news and invited her to be baptized. She said she wanted to talk with her husband and pray about a specific date this month. 

Friday we found a grandma who investigated the church for a super long time because her husband was member but she never got baptized. Her husband passed away a year ago and the missionaries stopped coming by because she wasn't progressing. We taught her the Restoration and we had to yell because she can't hear very well. We explained that she can be sealed in the temple to her husband so they can be together forever. She told us that she has been having tons of dreams where she sees her husband in a suit and tie telling her to get ready and dress herself up because they need to go get remarried.... like to get sealed in the temple!!!! It was super awesome to hear that; the Spirit was super strong. We invited her to be baptized but she`s so old that she really can't comprehend the need to ¨change religions¨we're going to keep working with her though. This woman needs to be baptized !

On Sunday we committed the familia F and their son  V and Marion and her less active husband  to all come to church. We set out super early in the morning, calling and picking them up, in the end they all said they would come on their own. We got to church and it started and time passed...... and we were on the edges of our seats..... and they all came! We had a total of 5 investigators, 4 less active members and a total attendance of 40!!! Thats huge!!!!! We were so excited. 

It was fast and testimony meeting and the testimonies were awesome, the Spirit was strong and towards the end, the dad of the familia F, dagoberto, got up and bore his testimony!!!! Our jaws dropped to the floor! He said that he`s really happy to be here in the church and to have the missionaries visit him and it looks like now they know which road they need to take in life...... :) 

After Sacrament Meeting Marion announced her baptism date..... December 8th!!!! tomorrow!!!!! it's a holiday here in Chile and its the only day that both she and Marcos can be there! We were completely shocked! We were praying that she would choose at least 1 day before the transfer, this weekend. But she decided on Tuesday! We are so happy!

Marion had her baptismal interview this morning and she passed. We spent all day yesterday running around to get everything set and ready for Tuesday. After more than a year investigating she's finally getting baptized! She`s super excited! 

It was awesome because in my interview with President I expressed to him some discouragement because I haven't been able to see a baptism in almost a whole year.  He told me that answers to prayers sometimes come faster or slower than we think :) This time it was faster. 

So the familia Fuentealba and the Marion need tons of prayers. 

That was the best part of this week. 

A big hug for Sarah White and Kaylyn next week from me! Tell them to write me haha. 

I testify that Heavenly Father answers prayers and that miracles are real and that He loves us a lot. I'm really grateful for this week and so excited for the weeks ahead. 

Thanks for the love and support. 

love, Hermana Williams

Monday, November 30, 2015

November 30, 2015 - Sweet 16!

Hola familia y amigos, 

Yep that's right, today is my sweet 16, I complete 16 months in the mission! 

I'm pleased to report that this week nothing crazy happened! There were no freak accidents, injuries, dog drama or hospital visits. It was a normal, average week in the life of a missionary. 

On Monday I passed the day with the hermanas lideres and worked with them in their sector. It was great to be able to work without holding back for my foot or my knee. The doctor in the clinic told me I'm good to go with my spider bites. They have already formed into nice little scars that I will have for the rest of my life. It will be a great mission story. I was talking to our ward mission leader the other day and he said that you haven't served a mission in Latin America until you have a scar somewhere to prove it! haha. 

On Tuesday Hna Torres and I reunited and it felt so good haha. I saw Hna Pinto in the bus terminal! She's doing great and loves Chiloe but she said there are tons of hills to climb and the house they live in is haunted.  Other than that she`s good. It was great to see her and hang out with her and Hna Torres for a little bit. Two Colombians together is a real show. 

On Tuesday we were also able to contact 4 cute old grandpas that have known eachother for over 50 years and meet up at the same park bench everyday in the plaza at about 7pm. We made plans to come visit them the next day to teach them the Plan of Salvation and bring them cookies but it rained all week so they didn't meet up outside.... Today it's sunny so we`re hoping to find them again haha. 

We also contacted a 22 year old girl with her 4 year old son in the plaza, At first she  didn't want anything to do with us but then she opened up when she heard Hna Torres speak because she loves the Colombian accent. Hna Torres has a very unique way of speaking and it really calls people's attention. We talked with the girl, Pamela, for a while and made plans to visit her in a couple days, she was really cool. We took a selfie with her haha. 

On Thursday we called the same Pamela to see if we could come visit her, she said she was at a friend's house but told us to come over because her friend  wanted to meet us too and hear Hna Torres 'accent. So we found Vanesa's house and they let us in and were super nice and fun and Hna Torres made them arepas from Colombia. We taught them the Plan of Salvation and the Spirit was super strong; it was an awesome lesson! They were super receptive. We set up another day to come back. 
What's super cool is that Pamela is a cousin of a member family in the ward. 

on friday we did service and helped our mamita cecilia do yard work in her patio. dad, thanks for always making me do yard work when i really didn't want to. now i understand why you always said that we had to do it so we would learn to work hard. thanks for not letting me be lazy (even though i was still pretty lazy)

We taught the familia F and our RM friend Aldo came to the lesson. It was great because their 22 year old son who works Puerto Montt was there and Aldo was able to build confidence with him and the rest of the family. Hna Torres made her famous arepas rellenas and Colombian hot chocolate. Delicious. I want to visit Colombia one day. We taught the familia F about the Book of Mormon. They`re struggling with their progression, we feel that we are running around in circles with them. 

Saturday we planned a family home evening for the whole branch and investigators and friends and we were going to watch  the movie Meet the Mormons... but in the end only 5 people came and they were all members and we couldn't get the movie to stream.  We had an awesome lesson about the Atonement and watched Mormon Messages instead. 

Our investigator M had a baptismal date for the December 5th and then she had to work last Sunday and couldn't come to church so her date fell through, We put her back on for December 12th... but she didn't come to church yesterday either. We even called and reminded her a billion times and called and woke her up in the morning and we offered to go pick her up but she said no she would come alone ... but then never showed up. So her date fell through again. We are feeling a little exasperated but we have faith and determination that this woman will be baptized! 

Our mamita served us pasta with red sauce three times this week and then we ate the same thing with members yesterday. We don't want to eat pasta ever again haha. 

Yesterday we contacted a lady who was really nice and we talked with her about the Plan of Salvation and we were about to ask her when we could come back to teach her when she realized we were Mormon missionaries... turns out she's a less active member who was baptized years back and became less active because the Branch President said something that offended her. We listened to her rant for about 20 minutes about how mad she was and how she swore never to come back to the Mormon Church. It was sad.... it hurt my heart. We tried to explain to her that Christ's church is perfect, but the people in it are not.  She wouldn't listen. You would think that after 16 months of hearing lots of stories like that, it would stop hurting, but it doesn't, you just get used to it. But i'ts okay, I've learned that we should never let anything get in the way of our personal salvation. 

Overall it was a good week. We are struggling to have more support from the members. We planned to have a mini training for the members in how to help the missionaries but they never gave us time to do it. We have some good ideas to get the members pumped. 

It wasn't a very exciting week, thank goodness, so there really isn't anything super interesting to write. We didn't celebrate Thanksgiving, I tried to get Hna Torres and other people excited about it, but they didn't really get it. We did eat arepas with the familia F... so it was kind of the same thing. I missed my family dearly on Thursday and thought of you all a lot (without getting too trunky) 

Something that I've learned on my mission is: if you`re not happy, work harder. We are never in a standstill moment, if we are not progressing, improving, we are moving backwards. We should always strive to be better every single day, which comes with hard work and dedication. I bear testimony that God lives, His Son Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world and that this is their work. I am grateful to be a missionary. 

love, Hermana Williams

Saturday, November 28, 2015

November 25, 2015 - Trio

Hola familia y amigos, 

Just so you all know, I went to the clinic today for my treatments and they told me my foot is healed and good to go and I don't need to come back for more treatments and I can walk again yay! I have three little nasty wounds that will turn into little scars. Cool mission story. But I can go back to being a normal missionary! It healed in only 1 week which is really fast, miracles yay! 

Monday and Tuesday we still had to stay inside the house. We did splits with some members so we were still able to visit and teach our investigators. Team work! 

I had to walk around on crutches for a couple days to avoid using my foot so much. It was awful. My arms died. I have a big nasty bruise on my left arm. my whole body hurt after the first day. I swore to never use crutches again. 

I'm typing right now and I just SAW A SPIDER CRAWL ACROSS THE DESK I'M FREAKING OUT okay sorry I have a phobia. 

But anyways, on Wednesday we had a family home evening with our investigator M and her husband and 2 year old daughter. It went really well. We taught about forever families and how she can be with her family for eternity. We invited her to be baptized and she accepted! She`s on date for December 5th! We`re super excited for her. Her husband is less active member and we committed him to help her towards her goal and to prepare to receive the priesthood so he can baptize her. We celebrated with brownies and then their 2 yr old daughter peed on the floor.... the fun ended and we left haha. 

We had to go to curaciones on Wednesday and I went with my crutches. We had to wait outside at a bus stop in front of the hospital across the street. And I saw my old doctor, Dr. Garcia in the window. He helped me with my knee and then he left the clinic and I never saw him again. But we were able to communicate with hand signs through the window. He saw me with crutches and threw his hands up in the air as if to ask "what did you do this time!?" hahaha made my day. 

On Thursday I ditched the crutches. We had district meeting and we celebrated Hna Kogianes birthday, she's still in my district. She and Hermana Braithwaite also completed 6 months in the mission this week! Shout out to Hna. Braithwaite! Congrats!

Hna Torres and I both have been nursing a cold this week. I got pretty bad on Thursday but now I'm much better. 

On Saturday Hna Torres had to travel to Puerto Montt because Sunday she had a flight from the airport there scheduled to go to Santiago. She`s Colombian and all the Colombian missionaries have to renew their second visas in Santiago. She comes back on Tuesday .Maybe she`ll see Scottie while she`s there. 

she left me with the hermanas leaders in osorno, hna call and hna davila. and now we are in a trio! three missionaries instead of 2. its crazy. we`re not used to it. its hard to stay all together. on saturday the hermanas had a baptism so i got to go to that and i sang in a special musical number with hna davila, that was fun. we sounded good together. sunday i went to church with them, it was weird being in a big ward again instead of my little branch in san pablo. we`re going to be in trio until tomorrow in the afternoon when hna torres gets back. 

it is fun though, more people to talk to. its like a big party and i feel more powerful when we walk down the street haha. 

well that's all I really have to tell this week, Not much. next week will be better because I`ll actually be able to work normally. Thanks for all your prayers. 

In the morning I was reading in the book of mormon in Ether chapter 2 and 3 and I learned about the importance of personal prayer and receiving revelation. It says in ether 3:2 that it's a commandment to pray in order to receive personal revelation. Heavenly Father doesn't just want us to tell Him how our day went, or just give thanks, He wants us to ask, seek, search for what we need in our lives. for revelation that He is more than willing to give us, we only have to ask.  Sometimes the Lord asks us what we want Him to do. Sometimes the Lord wants us to show our faith, solve problems, look for solutions not excuses and He will help us know if its what we should do. That is personal revelation. 

I testify that God answers prayers, He loves us, He wants to hear from us. He is  a God of miracles and I am so grateful to be part of His great and marvelous work. I know Jesus Christ lives, He is our Savior. 

Love, hermana williams

November 16, 2015- Crazy Mission Stories

Hola familia y amigos! 

This week has been the craziest week of my mission... I`ll let you know why. I've decided to split this email up into titled parts. 

The Normal Stuff: part 1 
Hna. Torres and I are adjusting to each other and enjoying our cambio. She`s a lot of fun and she loves to talk about her returned missionary boyfriend that's waiting for her at home haha, sometimes it's a little trunky but very entertaining. I hope I get to end my mission with her. On Monday my knee started hurting real bad, I don't know why, so we had to take a couple minutes in the house to rest and ice it and afterwards I was fine.  Other than that I didn't have any problems this past week. 

We were able to go out to work Monday and teach our new investigator O, she`s really nice and really open to listening and becoming closer to God. It was a great lesson and we made it all the way to prophets.... but then there was an interruption... 

Johnnie & Rambo:part 1 was edited due to content.  Hna. Williams and Torrez were at a lesson with their investigator, O.  The two dogs were outside during the lesson.  They killed O's neighbor's pregnant cat and the rest wasn't pretty.  Everyone was traumatized.

Johnnie & Rambo: part 2
okay you might think this story is a little disobedient...it was a lack of good judgment, good intentions, but ended very complicated... 
The next day we had heard that at the same local animal hospital they were doing free sterilizations of pets and stray dogs and we thought it would be a good idea to take Johnnie to see if they could fix up his leg. I honestly don't know what we were thinking, at the time we thought it was a great idea, that it would only take 20- 30 minutes..... nope we were there waiting for an hour when finally they told us they would only look at Johnnie's leg if we were going to get him fixed( sterilized)... they convinced us that it would be a good idea to get them both fixed, Johnnie and Rambo, that they would be calmer afterwards and not chase after so many cats. we thought, ya! wow great idea! So we talked to Johnnie and Rambos supposed owner and he was all for it! So we thought, ya! Servicio! drop off the dogs at the clinic, pick them up later, half an hour maximum! Wrong.... 

We took Johnnie and Rambo to the clinic ,Johnnie went in just fine but Rambo is big so they had to tranquilize him and put a leash and collar on him and he started freaking out, it looked like he was having a seizure! He bit the leg of one of the workers! We called out returned missionary friend Aldo who has helped up with Johnnie and Rambo to see if he could come and carry Rambo inside because he has more confidence in Aldo. so aldo came running but then another guy was able to calm Rambo down and carry him inside.... so we called Aldo and told him not to come, and that we owed him ice cream for all the trouble. 

Two hours later the clinic called us to say that our dogs were ready. We called Aldo again to help us carry Rambo. We arrived and Johnnie came out just fine but Rambo was traumatized. We had to coax and drag him outside and when he was out he sprinted away towards home... he was super scared. so Aldo carried Johnnie and we went to talk to the owner.... turns out the fixing was free but you have to buy them medicine and clean their wounds and we don't have time for that so we explained everything to the owner but he didn't do anything.... so now we`re worried that Johnnie and Rambo will die from infection... but I think they are okay. 

So thats a crazy mission story... we sterilized two dogs.... I don't know what we were thinking. 

Bad luck part 1: Spider Woman

On Wednesday we had a normal day and we worked and it was great. In the afternoon we had to go to the house to do our progress form and I sat down to call someone and felt something sting me on my ankle and it itched really bad. I thought, oh no pulgas! fleas! So I itched and scratched but it hurt so bad that I took off my boot and tights and saw 4 big red bumps come up on my ankle and heel. and a little bubble blister appeared! Hna Torres said it wasn't pulgas it was a spider bite! We didn't find the spider but I didn't freak out too much because I didn't think a spider bite could do much. We went about the day and the blister got bigger and bigger and burned and it hurt to walk. 

We had  a meeting with our ward mission leader and I asked him about spider bites and he told me I should call our mission nurse asap because it might be the Rincon spider, a deadly poisonous spider here in Chile. So then I  started freaking out. I called the nurse but she didn't answer. We went about with the rest of the day. We had a noche de hogar with M and  M and Hna Torres made arepas!  We came home at night and the blister had doubled in size and filled with yellow liquid. 

The nurse finally called me at 10:55pm and I explained what happened. she was about to send me to the nearest hospital asap to make sure it wasn't Rincon. But I explained more details, I didn't have any of the symptoms or anything so we decided to wait till morning. But she said if I start to feel a fever during the night, to call her, because I might be dying.... I didn't sleep very well haha. 

In the morning I took a look at my ankle and there were 4 big blisters and they hurt super bad! So I called out branch president and his wife and they drove us to Osorno the the clinic so I could  see a doctor. My ankle and foot was super swollen and it hurt to walk. The doctor said that it was a spider that bit me, but not a rincon or anything like that.  Yes the spider had venom and it's sitting in my ankle and if I walk to much my foot will swell up more and the bites will become infected.  I promise its nothing dangerous, I am not going to die or lose a foot or anything. 

They treated my ankle, broke and cleaned out the blisters - that hurt really bad. Bandaged me up, gave me pain meds and antibiotics and sent me home to rest. I've been in house rest since Thursday. I can't go out to work or walk or anything .I returned to the clinic on Friday to do a blood and urine exam and everything came out okay. They cleaned out my wounds again and it hurt so bad I cried. It's like a stinging, burning pain.... like my ankle is on fire. 

Bad luck part 2 

So I'm in the house again! At least until this Wednesday. I have to take tons of pills and rest and try not to walk. I have a big fat bandage and I can only take baths now, I cant get my left foot wet. My foot is so swollen and tender that I can only wear my slipper... so I've moved from tennis shoes to one slipper! The mission nurse gave me crutches today to help me walk, it's only so I don't put too much weight in my foot and so I can walk around to meetings and stuff. it's not a big deal! We`ve been receiving lots of help from members, driving us around, bringing us food, we were able to do splits on Saturday and Hna Torres went out with a member and I stayed inside the house of another. Our RM friend Aldo has been stopping by to do us favors, chop firewood, drop off our laundry. . 

We have been studying the scriptures a ton.I feel bad for Hna Torres to keep her inside, but shes a good sport. We have been trying to spider proof our house this week. I officially have a phobia of spiders. But we`re doing just fine! 

The Normal Stuff part 2

I was still able to go to church on Sunday, with my slipper and everything! We had the Primary program. it's funnier in Chile because kids here are crazy. I had more treatments today in the clinic. the clinic is my home away from home. I am a little frustrated that we can't go out to work but I`ve decided to have a good attitude. I am trying really hard to follow all of the doctors orders so that the wounds don't get infected or else I'll be in the house even longer. 

When I went to the clinic the first time and they told me I couldn't walk the thought came that I have 2 choices: I can get really sad and depressed and have my own pity party for being in the house again.... or I can have a good attitude, have enough faith and hope that everything will turn out okay and that this is just another part of God's plan. I thought to myself, "look, another chance to prove yourself" I feel like I spent a lot of time with my knee moping about and whining and this time I'm going to use my time better, study harder, be humble, prepare myself so that way when I can leave to work, I can work super hard. I have faith that it will all be okay. The Lord tried and healed me once, He can do it again. 

So don't worry about me! Prayers are needed but I know that in a couple days I`ll be fine. I'm thankful that it wasn't worse and that I'm still alive haha. I know that God knows me, He watches over me, He will help me through this. I am His daughter, and even more, I am His servant and His soldier and the Lord needs strong soldiers. 

Thanks for all the love and support and prayers everyday! love you all!. 

love, hermana williams

November 9, 2015 - Su Merced

Hola familia y amigos, 
Hermana Williams and her newest companion, Hermana Torrez

Okay I know you`re all dying from the suspense so I`ll let you know who my new companion is.... Hermana Torrez from Colombia. Thats right, another Colombiana.  I'm really excited because she`s more Colombian than Hna Pinto. Hna Pinto had already lost her accent and acted more like a Chileana.  Hermana Torrez in one hundred percent Colombian. She has 10 months in the mission, the same group as Hna Pinto. She is super energetic and talks really fast, but she talks clearly, so I can still understand her. She uses a lot of words from Colombia. For example, they use a more formal word than 'usted' when talking to people. They use 'su merced' which means 'you' but really formal. When she first started talking to me I had no idea what 'su merced' was. I was like "who is she talking about?" who is su merced?" She had to explain it to me. So all week it has been su merced. It's starting to stick. 

 This week was really good and busy and fast. Monday and Tuesday was crazy trying to make sure Hna Pinto said goodbye to everyone. She was only here for 6 weeks and everyone was super surprised that she was leaving. She still managed to form some close ties with the members so it was hard for her to leave. On Wednesday morning we were told to take the bus to Osorno and we had to haul her suitcases up to the highway which is about a 20 minutes walk at normal pace. But her suitcases were so heavy that we had to call a ward member, the strongest hermano we knew, to come help us. It was a show. 

We made it to the bus terminal in Osorno in the morning and we had to wait for the bus to Chiloe for 2 hours. I saw Hna Espinoza and Hna Jenkins and tons of other missionaries I know. I was hoping to see Hna Braithwaite, but I missed her. It looks like she got changed to Los lagos, close to Valdivia and she`s not with Hna Smoot now. 

Hna Pinto left for Chiloe and my companion, Hna Torrez arrived half an hour later. She is a very fun, dramatic person and I felt very overwhelmed when she greeted me haha. But we`ve been getting along really well and having lots of fun and working really hard. 

We taught lessons, found new people, contacted, worked, the usual. 

On Sunday we committed the familia F to come to church so we showed up early with breakfast ready for them so they wouldn't have an excuse not to come (i.e. "oh we just woke up, we haven't eaten yet,I have to cook..".) they got a kick out of it, and they came to church, it was awesome. 

We had ward council and as a branch we`re trying to focus on 4 of our investigators in particular: familia F, M and our mamita cecilia. they need prayers! 

My knee is okay. there are still days when it hurts. Today it hurts but its never so much pain like before. I can still work and walk, just a little slower. I get more hip pain now too. 

I'm really excited to be with Hermana Torrez. She knows a ton about the Bible and the Book of Mormon and she`s helping me get more excited to study and learn more to help me teach better. She has a lot of really good fun ideas to help the work progress that aren't just knock doors for three hours. She`s helping me to be humble, to remember that yeah, I have 15 months but I still need to learn, study and improve everyday. 

I'm really grateful for all the experiences that the Lord has given me in my mission and all the people he has placed in my life. I'm grateful for the chance I have to serve Him every single day. And I don't plan to stop after my mission is over. I want to serve Him in every single day of my life. People always told me before the mission that this is the greatest work you can do with your life at this moment... and now I understand why. I thank my Heavenly Father every day. 

Have a great week everyone! 

love, hermana williams

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

November 2, 2015- 15 Months

Hola familia y amigos, 

This week went by unbelievably fast. We did a ton but I can't remember everything. 

On Monday we had a noche de hogar with one of our menos activos that's been reactivated, She`s awesome. She also came to our stake conference on Sunday in Osorno and she brought her two little babies. 

On Tuesday all of San Pablo was freaking out because three times there were military fighter jets that flew over the city. No one had any idea why, but of course everyone was talking about all sorts of government schemes. Our mammita,  hna Cecilia got real heated and rambled to us for half an hour straight. We taught our investigator M the same day and right in the middle of the lesson there was another airplane and they were super loud. 

On Tuesday I also received a call from Hna Braithwaite calling from Hna Obeso's cell phone!  We were right in the middle of a lesson so I could only talk for 2 minutes and I had to contain my excitement in front of M. But it was so good to talk to her!

We`ve been trying to heal Johnnie all week. He survived! But we do have to give him pain meds and clean out his wound everyday, or at least try to. A member here named Aldo, who just got back from his mission in Mexico has been helping us out with Johnnie. Rambo gets really jealous when we pay too much attention to Johnnie so we need one person to hold Johnnie down, the other to clean out his wound and the other to entertain Rambo. Johnnie can't follow us around anymore but Rambo is loyal, and he`s actually calmed down a lot. 

We had our branch Halloween activity on Friday night! Hna Pinto dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood and I went as Snow White (they were the easiest costumes we could think of.) The activity went well, but the hermano who was in charge of games forgot so we had to think of games on the spot.  In the end it was super fun.  I made a big platter of brownies. Members here are obsessed with brownies. 

We did a lot of service this week,which always involves chopping firewood. I cant remember if I already told you, but I finally learned to chop firewood! Hna Pinto taught me- it's super fun. So I did that a lot this week.We also trimmed the grass of our landlord. People here don't own lawn mowers, you have to cut your grass with big scissors. 

on saturday we contacted a woman who started preaching to us about the end of the world and the second coming of christ. we tried to share with her but she talked for a good half an hour quoting the bible and then started crying because the end is near.... i admired her passion. 

we had stake conference this weekend! it was great! our stake president is super young and energetic. it was a great conference that really focused on members and missionary work. love it. 

This week I completed 15 months in the mission. Wow. Hna Pinto surprised me and made me breakfast and sang quinceaƱera songs all morning. 

This week we have cambios. Hna Pinto is leaving me and going to the Island of Chiloe and I am staying here in San Pablo. I still don't know who my companion is, I'm waiting for the zone leaders to call and let me know. More suspense!

I'm really grateful to be a missionary! I love being a servant of the Lord, I know that this is His church and His work and I cant do it without His help everyday. I know that Heavenly Father is a God of miracles. 

Thanks for the emails and photos and support, 

love, Hermana Williams

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

October 26, 2015 - Aperradas

Hola familia y amigos, 

This week went by very fast, but we did a lot. 
Hna. Pinto and Hna. Williams under a new umbrella

We taught our investigator who has dementia. She`s really sweet but she can't remember anything. She told us she would come to church this week, We`ll see if she remembers. 

I titled this email aperradas because that's what the Chileans say when you have lots of dogs following you "andan aperradas" It's funny for them. Yes, Johnnie and Rambo are still following you. 

On Monday Hna Pinto and I bought a dog whistle. It looks like a taser gun actually but it just radiates a high pitched whistle that we can't hear. We tried it out on the dogs Johnnie and Rambo. Turns out the only dog that it bothers is Rambo, the rest could care less. But that's okay because Rambo is the most crazy. He freaked out when he first heard it and wouldn't come near us for a couple hours, haha. I promise the dog whistle doesn't do them any harm. It just stresses them out enough to make them stop doing something. It's like conditioning and training. Rambo still follows us around but has toned down a ton, He doesn't bark or chase cars anymore. 

We helped an hermana in the ward who has been sick chop firewood. That's right, I chopped firewood for the first time. That was actually a couple weeks ago, I just forgot to tell you. but I finally learned how! I'm not very good, I'm still learning but I've lost the fear and it's actually pretty fun. 

We taught an investigator that has been learning about the church for 30 years but never got baptized... I bore the most powerful testimony I've ever given in my entire life. (The Spirit made it powerful not me) we invited her to be baptized and she said she would pray and ask God. 
Piglets in the street in San Pablo.

On Friday we traveled to osorno to the clinic to see Dr. Garcia, He told us to come back to see him so he could check my knee. We waited in the waiting room for almost 2 hours only to find out that Dr. Garcia doesn't work at the clinic anymore so they sent me to see a different doctor there who only looked at my knee for 5 minutes give me some pain meds to take if I feel pain and signed a document that says I don't need to come back. The clinic is the trial of my patience, but I'm in the clear with my knee, that's good! I can work without worrying! 

Yes I still feel pain every now and again but its not serious pain. So don't worry about me. I'm fine. 

We helped a less active member, N clear grass from her back yard. That was fun. 

On Saturday we were walking home at night and outside the church Johnnie and Rambo started attacking another little dog in the middle of the street. We tried to stop them, yell, throw rocks, the dog whistle wasn't working on them. Then suddenly a car came up and drove right through them to stop the fight and the car ran over Johnnie! We just stood in shock.  Johnnie survived and walked away but the tire ripped his left leg open on the inside, you can see bone. It was pretty traumatic. There's not much we can do for him because he`s not ours. He cant walk now, really only hobble. We`re pretty sad. We`re afraid it will get infected. Johnnie is our favorite, He`s sweet, but an hermano in the branch offered to go check on him. 

Our investigator M and her less active husband came to church! Yay! 
San Pablo after the rain.

We were able to find 9 new people to teach this week, and some of them were really special and have a real strong desire to know the truth. We`re excited. 

I don't have very much time left. I'm trying to send photos, but the computer I have is acting weird. So sorry. But I'm doing fine, still really tired but excited. We have cambios in one week. Hna Pinto and I honestly don't know what will happen. I'm good with anything, but I would like to see a baptism here in San Pablo, they haven't had one in a year. 

I know that the church is true, I know that God loves us and Jesus Christ is the Saviour of the world, He loves us too. I'm so grateful to be His representative and that I get to help so many people everyday. 

love, hermana williams

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

October 19, 2015 - 100 Days!

Hola familia y amigos, 

Thank you all for reminding me that I only have 100 days left in my mission.I actually had a trunky moment earlier this week and did the math myself. But for me its not that trunky. I don't see it as " wow I only have 100 days until I get to go home" I see it as, I only have 100 days left to be a missionary so I better enjoy it. It motivates me. 

This week was great, we worked really hard and I'm exhausted. 

On monday we taught the familia F. We teach their daughter K English for half and hour and then we teach them for another half an hour. Or rather, I teach English haha. we`re trying to teach them the Restoration. they have a lot of desire but it's hard for them to remember what we taught them or read. 

We also taught M, she is an old investigator who now wants to start taking the lessons again. She`s great and we`re helping her with growing her faith. 

Tuesday we had intercambios (exchanges)I went to the sector of the sister training leaders with hna Call! I was Hna Call's first intercambio in Valdivia 6 months ago. It was fun to work with her again. I got to attend a leader meeting, where all the hermanas leaders, zone leaders and district leaders meet up. It was interesting, I felt a little out of place, haha. 

We`ve been teaching a lady named I but its been hard because she has dementia. We just found out. So she can barely remember anything. We've invited her to be baptized twice and she said I`ll think about it both times. We`re going to teach her today and see what happens. We might have to stop teaching her, if she cant remember what we teach her, She can't progress. 

On Wednesday we had correlacion meeting with our ward mission leader and he and his wife made us dinner. It was delicious. They are newlyweds and are about 25 years old, so they are our friends. They showed us their wedding photos. It was only a little trunky haha. 

We went to teach a menos activa less active member this week and we caught her right in the middle of cleaning and organizing her house. We offered to help. I love washing other people's dishes, so I told her I would take care of it. I`ve never seen so many dirty dishes in my entire life. It was a real deep cleaning. but we made it through and felt pretty proud of myself and the menos activa was very grateful.

Our dog sidekicks Johnnie and rambo are still following us around. We tried to trap them in the church parking lot and close the gate but they found a way out. We tried to trap them inside our patio but they escaped again. They are very loyal, but it's hard to work with them when they're fighting with other dogs and barking and jumping all over us. On Friday they killed another cat right in front of us. We feel traumatized. 

On Saturday we got to watch the palada inicial ( first stone laying?) of the temple they're going to build in Concepcion Chile. It was awesome to hear from all the speakers. Everyone is really excited. The temple should be finished in 3 years. 

I'm back to playing the piano again in Sacrament meeting here in San Pablo. Actually its a keyboard. 

This week we were able to find 11 new people to teach and teach a total of 26 lessons. There's still a lot to do here though and we have to work on making sure those new people progress. 

like I said before I don;t really feel trunky to know that I only have 100 days left. It makes me want to work harder and not waste anytime. I still feel tired and my knee still hurts but I feel motivated enough to push that all away and work really hard. I'm so grateful to be a missionary, a servant of the Lord. I know that this is His church. The church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I feel honored to be carry His name. I feel grateful for every experience, every day, He`s already given me. and He reminds me everyday "Forget yourself and go to work"

love, hermana williams

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

October 12, 2015 - Miracle!!

Hola familia y amigos!

Wow this week was very crazy but wonderful all at the same time. 
I was finally able to get the results of the ct scan on my knee and the doctor told me that there is nothing seriously wrong with my knee. I have a ligament that's probably messed up a bit and swells and hurts when I walk a lot. but there is nothing broken or anything that can get worse or keep me from walking. Basically, if I walk like normal, I'm not going to mess my knee up anymore than it already is. 
Actually, the doctor told me that I need to walk, I need to exercise it and strengthen it to get over the pain. 
He told me I can continue working as a missionary,I can take off my knee brace and walk all day long without worrying. 

I don't think I`ve ever been so grateful in my entire life. It's a real miracle, honestly.I thought I was going to get sent home for surgery or something, but I get to finish my mission! Return 2016 !! The doctor told me I do need intensive therapy, but I can help my knee just the same with doing my own exercises in the house in the morning. 

The pain hasn't disappeared or anything. There was still pain this week. I had to stop and take rests. but now I don't need to worry about making my knee worse, so I can deal with the pain. 

On Wednesday we had zone conference! It was wonderful. Guess what, I saw 2 of my past companions, Hna Jenkins and Hna Espinoza and they are companions now! Crazy. Sometimes our Mission president's wife, Hna Obeso lets us call past companions on her cell phone, and I called hna Braithwaite! I told her all about my knee and it was so nice to talk to her. 

We worked really hard this week, especially because President Obeso changed our work schedule. Before, we would return back to the house to study after lunch and leave to work at 3pm.  Now we just study in the morning and we leave to work right from lunch, so we have 1 1/2 hours more to work, and we worked  a lot. We found 9 new investigators to teach this week.The zone goal was 8. that`s the most I`ve ever had. we feel pretty pumped to be working here in San Pablo. 

There are two stray dogs here named Johnnie and Rambo that follow us everywhere and bark and get into trouble with other dogs. They are really loyal to us and we love them a lot, but it's hard for us to work sometimes because they're always barking when we try to contact or knock doors. This week they attacked and killed a cat.... that was horrifying to watch. We`re afraid that people are going to think they belong to us. We`re trying to get them to leave us alone but they are too loyal. They are the biggest trial of our sector right now haha. 

On Friday we were supposed to have 6 appointments and teach 6 lessons but all of them fell through. That was hard, but we bounced back. I have to readjust myself to mission life and remember that i'ts not always rainbows and butterflies. 

I missed working a lot though. 2 months is a long time. I was still able to work in the 2 months, but not full out, full day, with all my energy. Now I'm  back to working and it's wonderful. It's still hard.I feel pain, I get real tired, my body got used to sitting in a house all day. and I forgot how hard it can all be sometimes. but this week we were able to have some really power, spiritual moments and lessons. It was great to be able to feel like an instrument in the Lords hands again. to feel the Spirit working through me. 

Hna pinto and I are having fun. She`s a really good missionary. She`s very responsible and takes a lot of initiative. She is the youngest of 4 brothers and sisters. She's really young in her family, She has nieces and nephews that are older than her haha. She`s really funny and sassy and she`s trying to learn English so sometimes we have short conversations in English. 

I'm really grateful to still be here in the mission haha. The Lord really does work miracles. Thank you for all of your prayers. I know that Heavenly Father answers our prayers, maybe not right when we want them, but He does answer. We just have to be patient. I know God is our loving Father and Jesus Christ is His son and our Savior. 

love, Hermana Williams

Thursday, October 8, 2015

October 5, 2015 - Paciencia

Hola familia y amigos, 

This week was interesting. 

Monday and Tuesday we were able to go out to work and teach lessons and it was awesome! We still had to sit and rest or take a break and go back to the house for a bit, but we spent almost the whole day out working.

My bronchitis is better; I don't feel nearly as sick. I still have had to take tons of pills everyday but I finished them all today! I still have a cough and sometimes it's still hard to breathe, but I'm good. 

My knee has been weird. Monday and Tuesday it was fine. Then wednesday we went to the doctor and he finally gave the order to get the CT scan! But then he told me I might have to wait till next week to go and get it. Chile is weird and you cant get a ct scan asap, you have to schedule an appointment. I was worried, but then the nurse came back and said they had an opening that same day! So we hung out in Osorno for a couple hours. 

In Osorno we went to the mall to eat lunch and I ran into hno y Hna Troncoso from Puerto Varas! Hna Troncoso always came with us to appointments and drove us around places. It was so good to see them! I sent my love to Hna B and filled Hna Troncoso in on everything with me knee so she could let Hna B know I'm okay. 

We had the ct scan at 2pm but we got stuck in a long waiting room line and I was freaking out to miss my slot but we made it in. The scan only took 10 minutes, they slid me into the big round machine and then slid me out and that was it. 

We came home and left to work. then later that night my knee started to hurt like crazy... like more than it ever has... like a 8 or 9 out of 10. so of course we went home and I iced it. I think all the stress and walking in Osorno did me in. 

That same day I completed 14 months in the mission and Hna Pinto completed 9! She`s halfway through! We celebrated with homemade brownies and balloons and we bought donuts in the mall. 

Saturday was General Conference! General Conference for missionaries is better than Christmas. It's a glorious gift of modern day and personal revelation direct from the heavens!

We were able to watch conference in our branch building. We were the first people there... the Branch President arrived 5 minutes before to set up the tv and cables.... and the tv wasn't working. other people arrived and 5, 10, 15 minutes passed as we waited for the tv, internet and video to work. in the end we missed about the first half hour of Conference. The same thing happened in the second session on Saturday and we missed about 15 minutes. 

Sunday we arrived for the morning session and they once again had problems and were late setting everything up, so we missed 10 minutes of the Prophet speaking. In the afternoon the internet was really slow and it kept pausing and loading every 15 minutes. We had an investigator there and we were a little embarrassed, especially when the internet froze right in the middle of the closing prayer. It froze for like 5 minutes and we just sat there in silence haha. It finally started up again but then froze one more time. It took us 20 minutes to make it through that prayer! We couldn't help but all laugh. 

I think Heavenly Father still wants me to learn pacience, haha. 

But overall, Conference was a wonderful experience, I especially loved the talks by Sister Marriott, Elder Christofferson and Elder Kiochi Aoyagi. 

Later Sunday night we left the Conference to go work, but I guess I ate something bad that day because I got hit with serious stomach pain and the runs... it was not fun. Theres my bad luck again haha. We weren't able to work the rest of the night.

Today we finally went to see Dr. Garcia to see the results of my ct scan. I have to be honest I was kind of an emotional wreck this week. I was so nervous to know what the results would be. But the conference helped me find answers and calm my fears. But that didn't keep me from being at least a little anxious. We arrived in his office and he told us that that results hadn't arrived yet! I will have to come back tomorrow in the afternoon! Talk about trial of my pacience haha. 

It's been an emotional rollercoaster this week, but the Lord has spoken peace to my mind and given me tons of tender mercies. I think I'm going to be okay. I know that He takes care of his missionaries. This week I think I finally learned to be able to say "que sea tu voluntad Padre" thy will done father. I know that God lives, He is our loving Heavenly Father, He speaks to us through prophets, apostles and the quiet whisperings of the Holy Ghost. I know that He, and His son Jesus Christ are the fountain of my hope for a better future. 

Thank you for all your love and support!

love, Hermana Williams

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

September 28, 2015 - Bad Luck

Hola familia y amigos, 

This week was crazy and went by very fast. 

Monday and Tuesday were spent running around San Pablo to let Hna K say goodbye to all the members and investigators. She really loved this sector and it was very emotional for her. Reminded me of when I left Punta Arenas. 

Wednesday I woke up with a horrible cold. I felt awful. I had aches and chills and a fever and everything. We had therapy in the morning and I slept on the medical table haha. We had cambios, my new companion Hna Pinto came. She is from Colombia and she is really nice and cute and funny. 
Hermana Williams and Hermana Pinto

I feel bad because we came home, I showed her around the house and then I slept some more while she unpacked. So we didn't do much Wednesday. I felt awful. 

Thursday I was still horribly sick; I had a gross cough and I could barely talk. we were able to visit some people, but not the whole day. 

Friday we met with Doctor Garcia so he could check up on my knee. I finished all the therapy sessions so he was going to tell me if my knee is better and if I can walk or not. My knee felt pretty good this past week. except on Thursday. Wednesday night I made the mistake of walking really fast so we could get to the house on time and Thursday my knee was suffering. 

When we saw the doctor he took a look at my knee, but then he heard my cough and he was like ".... you have bronchitis." and I'm like "WHAT NO" so he took a look and listened to my lungs and diagnosed me with bronchitis. He wrote me a prescription for a million pills and an inhaler. He told me he wasn't going to do anything for my knee until my lungs were better. I was to go home and stay inside and rest and not go outside if it was really cold or windy. 

As for my knee, he looked at it, moved it around, etc. and he still says something's wrong, because it still hurts and it shouldn't hurt anymore. He wants to take an xray or a ct scan or something and he`s already sent to order to the Mission to start doing the paperwork for it. So we`ll see how that goes. 

So I'm in the house again! I'm beginning to think I have the worst luck ever. I'm pretty sure the mission nurse laughed when I told her I have bronchitis now. I am the mission´s problem child haha. 

Friday we stayed in the house! Saturday we went out to work because I was feeling a lot better and it wasn't that cold or windy. We worked for almost the whole day and we taught 3 lessons. I felt great!!
Stray dog, Johnny that follows us around all day and waits for us when we're inside a house.  

Sunday we had a big conference in Osorno. They are combining the District of La Union with the Osorno Stake and we got to hear from Elder Ferrera from the Seventy and Presidente Obeso. But we were sitting way in the back and the sound was bad so I barely heard anything... but it was still good. 

Sunday in the afternoon it was really rainy and windy and I felt sick still, worse than Saturday because I kind of overdid it. So we called the nurse and she told me to stay inside. 

That`s basically all that happened this week; kind of boring. I have a little cardboard box of all my medications and little post it note schedules for when I have to take them. I take about 6 pills in the morning and night, three during the day and an inhaler every 6 hours. So i have to wake up at 1am every night to take it or else I  have a cough attack. 
So many pills!

This week I will complete 14 months in the mission. 4 months until I come home. it has gone by very fast. 

Thanks for all the emails and support every week. I'm going to be just fine. 

I know that God lives, He is my loving Father in Heaven, and his son Jesus Christ is my Savior and that is our greatest source of hope in this life. 

love, hermana Williams

Thursday, September 24, 2015

September 21, 2015 - More Changes

Hola familia y amigos, 

Well I guess I should  clarify that  am alive. I know that there was a big earthquake in Chile this week and that it was all over the news.  It was in northern part of Chile, and my area was not affected at all. We didn't even feel the ground move or anything. So yes,  I am safe, don't worry.
Hermana K and Hermana Williams

I was more worried for Scott than anything but it sounds like Easter Island wasn't hit, so he`s okay I hope. 

This week we went to the clinic a lot and had a couple of inside the house adventures. 

On tuesday we made empanadas with our landlady who lives next door- so I only had to hobble five steps haha. Her name is Maria and she lives all a lone and she loves it when we come over and talk to her. She showed us all her photo albums and got so excited. She also taught us how to make empanadas and she`s the cutest. 

On Wednesday I was cleaning and polishing my leather boots that I bought here and I replaced the soles with my Superfeet. Turns out the soles were completely shredded. There's a tradition here in the mission that when you complete one year you have to burn something; a shirt or skirt or something. So we burned my shoe soles in our beautiful little wood stove!I wrote the names of all my previous sectors on the soles with a Sharpie and we took pictures and  videos.
Hna. Williams baring her SOLE!

On Thursday we went to the clinic like normal and I met with a new doctor to try to get my pain medication refilled. He took a look at my knee and told me I can start going out to work again! He said I can walk, but not fast and of course if my knee starts to hurt I need to rest and take a break. So I can last about 3 hours maximum, but that's better than nothing! He also told me that I need to start wearing tennis shoes.... right when I though I had already learned my humility lesson, now I have to wear my tennis shoes with a skirt..... it was hard enough to buy and wear mission shoes... trial of my faith haha. But I know it will help my knee so, I will obey. 

Friday was the 18 of September CHILEAN INDEPENDENCE  DAY!!! It's a huge deal here. We had permission to hang out with the members in the activity all day because there are a lot of drunks in the streets. We made sopaipillas, empanadas, played games, danced cueca and ate Once, It was awesome!! It's a small branch where the members are one big family. I wasn't able to tap dance this year... but Hna K enjoyed herself, It's her first 18.
Hermana Williams Making Sopaipillas for the Sept. 18th Activity.
Chilean Independence Day Branch Activity

Saturday we didn't leave out to work much because Chileans love to party and there were lots of drunks. We worked until it got dark outside. 

sunday we had church and it was great, i had to give the sunday school class. i was thinking that if someone had asked me to give a class in spanish a year ago i would have died.... but now its a little more fun. we`re going to have a big conference next week because they`re combining our district and branches with the osorno stake. 

This week we have cambios!  Hna K and I thought we were going to stay together because I just got here, but wrong!  She`s going to Rio Bueno and she`ll be in the same district with me still. I am receiving a new companion,Hna P from Colombia. I'm excited. I don't know the sector here yet.... but I did it in Puerto Varas and I can do it again. I'ts a small town. 

Sorry I don't have much to write. That's about it. 
Let hna Braithwaite know that I did recieve all my stuff... thanks for the toddys! I love her. 

I'm still learning a lot of pacience and humility this week. but I am feeling better. I have faith that I'm on the path back to being better. I know that Heavenly Father is with us every step of the way when we pass through hard times, I know that we are His children and He loves us. 

I'm grateful to be His missionary. 

love, Hermana Williams

Subway with Hermana Jenkins!

Monday, September 14, 2015

September 14, 2015 - One Year in Chile

Hola familia y amigos,

This week I completed one whole year in Chile! it seems like just yesterday I was getting off the tiniest plane in the tiniest airport in Osorno and shaking President Obeso´s hand for the first time. A lot has changed in one year and a lot has changed in only one week. I can say that I never planned on the mission turning out this way when I completed a year  in Chile. 

So Monday they called and said I had sobre cambios. I thought they meant I would leave Tuesday in the morning, but no, they called and told me I was scheduled to leave on the bus at 7pm that same night! That was a nightmare. We ran home and Hna B helped me pack while I tried not to have a break down and still call and say goodbye to members. We got everything packed up in time and headed to Puerto Montt to take the bus there. 

Saying goodbye to Hna B was very hard; we both cried a lot. I know we`re going to see each other after the mission, but it was still hard. I wanted to at least finish her training. I don't think I`ve ever cried so much in my entire life. 

I arrived in La Union at about 9:30pm and the hermanas lideres were there to greet me with my new companion. My new hermanas lideres are Hna C, from Valdivia and Hermana L V, (my former roommate! We were super excited! And my new companion is Hermana K from Salem Utah. She was actually Hna B's companion in the CCM. She was really sweet and really excited to see me. We got on another bus to go to San Pablo. On the bus we talked and got to know each other better and I explained everything with my knee. Her companion, Hna S, got bit by a dog a couple weeks ago so they had already been in the house for awhile too.  She understand why the change had to happen. 

San Pablo is un pueblito, a very small small town in the middle of nowhere. It's all campo/ country. Everyone already knows each other. We have a small rama/branch of about 30 people that regularly attend. There are tons of cows, pigs, roosters, chickens, and dogs that hang out in peoples back yards or in the streets. There are more dogs than people I swear and every morning we get to wake up to roosters... which isn't as cool as you think, it's just annoying. 

The sector is small and very flat. I'ts really cold here, like really cold, and my first day it was really windy, It reminded me a lot of Punta Arenas. Flashback. There are two dogs named Johnnie and Rambo that follow us around everywhere an make trouble- bark and pick on other dogs, pee on stuff, search through garbage, chase cars... they are ridiculous. but they are funny. On Tuesday we left to work and it was great, but towards the end of the day my knee started hurting bad so we came back home. Hna K bought me a Berlin (Chilean pastry) for my one year birthday in Chile. 
Chilean Berlin

Hna K is really nice, she comes from a family of all boys. She is  also a farm girl so she knows how to work hard. She`s very loving with the members and is everyone`s best friend. She has been very patient with me and everything that is happening. 

On Wednesday we got permission from the nurse to go to the clinic in Osorno and see a doctor yay! The doctor looked at my knee and wanted to take x rays and run tests and stuff but the mission doesn't want to go through the expensive paperwork for that. so the doctor prescribed me some pain meds and creams and signed me up for 10 sessions of physical therapy. If the therapy doesn't work, then we can talk about x rays. So we still don't know exactly what is wrong, but we are doing something to help. 

So this whole week was going to therapy sessions! And then coming home and staying in the house because the doctor says I shouldn't walk a lot after therapy. So I am still not working. and I think Hna K has cabin fever. We were going to therapy in La Union and the doctor told me I couldn't go out to work this past weekend; only to go to church, to cross the street, walk to lunch etc. But today we changed to Osorno because it's easier and the new doctor told me I need 2 days of complete rest - like I cant walk anywhere. so we`re starting that tomorrow. I`ve been taking lots of pills and putting on lots of creams and trying to stay positive. 

This week were helped a girl with English, we shared scriptures with our Mamita, we don't eat with members- we have a Mamita the church pays to feed us everyday. And we went to a noche de hogar on Saturday. The members are very loving and funny and relaxed. Of course they all wanted to know what happened with Hna S . But they are already joking about how they`re going to kill me off, that I'm going to finish my mission here in San Pablo.... lets not jump the gun. 

This week we studied, cleaned, organized, slept, baked, hung out, got to know each other, read the scriptures. Our house is small and it has all wooden paneling and I feel like I'm trapped in a wooden box.  We're trying to mentally prepare ourselves for the upcoming week of more time in the wooden box. 

This week is the 18th and we`re excited! It will be Hna K's first 18, its Chilean Independence Day! 

I've been trying really hard to have a good attitude this week and its been hard.I missed Hna B and Puerto Varas a lot and more than 100 times the question crossed my mind "why me? why now? why everything?" But the lord helped me see little miracles and tender mercies every day that reminded me that He has a plan behind all of this. 

Something that happened on monday, that I feel that I should share, and if Hna B's parents end up reading this it would be great if they could let her know.
Before the mission I had to wait a long time to leave and I did not enjoy it. I didn't understand the reason behind having to wait and suffer and stay home while everyone else left for missions. I asked Heavenly Father a million times why I had to wait. Well I came on the mission and I thought I understood why, I thought there must have been lots of reasons I had to wait. 

When I was saying goodbye to Hna B, I told her ¨thank you for making all the decisions you did so you could come on the mission and be my daughter" and then  she turned and told me "thank you for coming on the mission when you did so you could train me" and suddenly a light came on in my mind and I started to cry again and the Spirit told me "you had to wait to come on your mission so you could train Hna Braithwaite... you were waiting for her". 

I thank my Heavenly Father everyday that he let Hna Braithwaite come into my life and that I could have this short time with her. I now know that God always answers prayers, sometimes years later but He always answers.  He has a plan and a purpose behind everything. I have faith that all of this is happening for a reason. I just have to be pacient. 

Have a great week!

love, Hermana Williams

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

September 7, 2015 - Changes

Hola familia y amigos,

I'm not really in the mood to write a big long email this week because we kind of just had a very rough past couple of hours. 

In the morning the mission nurse called me and we talked about my knee and she gave me orders to go to the hospital in Puerto Montt to get my knee checked out by a doctor today. Of course I was super nervous. 

We left to go do some paperwork to start Hna. B's Chile carnet, ID and then later today we were going to go to Puerto Montt, but then I called President Obeso. He gave me permission to call him today to see how things with my knee are. I told him that things are a little bit better but it's still hard to walk a lot and that there is still pain. He told me he would call the mission nurse and then call me back. 

Half an hour later I got a call from the  AP Elder Medel and he told me that I am going to have a sobre cambio. A sobre cambio is basically an emergency transfer. Presidente does a switch out with missionaries in sectors. I'm being sent to La Union which is a lot closer to Osorno and the sector is smaller and flatter so it will be easier to walk on. I will be closer to the office and the clinic there in Osorno so I can get the medical help I need. 
Hna S., a missionary from my group will be coming to be Hna B's  new companion and I will be replacing Hna S and finishing the training of her companion, who was actually the ccm companion of Hna B.

I have to pack all my things today and I think I'm leaving tomorrow. 

I am very sad. Hna B is very sad too. 

I'm going to miss Puerto Varas a lot. and Hna B of course. She is my best friend. I don't want to leave her. 

This week we had 4 lessons with members. It was great! I was still in the house a lot for my knee. We had interviews with President on Tuesday. He came to our house to review it. It was a good interview. 

We had our investigator M.L. in church today and she loves it and is going to progress very fast. 

It was our ward mission leader, R´s birthday so we celebrated with them. 

yeah I can't remember anything else that happened. That`s all I really feel the need to write. 

I'm trying to accept the changes as the Lord's will and understand that it will be better this way. I´ll be able to get better and Hna B will be able to work and finish her training like a normal missionary. I'm very grateful for the time I've had here in Puerto Varas and for all the members. Above all I will miss Hna B, she changed my life. 

Next week I´ll have a new sector and a new companion, should be a new fun adventure!

Mosiah 3:19 " For the natural man is an enemy to God, and has been from the fall of Adam, and will be, forever and ever, unless he yields to the enticings of the Holy Spirit, and putteth off the natural man and becometh a saint through the atonement of Christ the Lord, and becometh as a child,submissive, meek, humble, patient, full of love, willing to submit to all things which the Lord seeth fit to inflict upon him, even as a child doth submit to his father."

love, Hermana Williams