Saturday, September 6, 2014

Last week!

Im almost out of the CCM! time has flown by so fast, it feels like i just got here. I picked up my flight plans on Tuesday - Hna Coombs and I leave the CCM around 4pm for our flight at 8:25 pm. we have an 8 hour flight to santiago then a 5 hour layover then another hour and a half to Osorno. Its going to be a long trip. but we´ll finally be able to take naps and read Jesus the Christ haha. Hna Coombs has never been on a long overnight international flight, actually the longest flight she´s ever been on was coming here from Chicago. we´ll see how she does haha. 

This week was a blur. Friday night the power in our casa went our for a couple hours and so all the hermanas in our house gathered into our room and had a mini party, we talked about the gospel and church and told cool spiritual stories and it was really fun, really good bonding experience. the lights turned on right in the middle of our group prayer before bed. 

I had a chance to teach part of my district, I led a study of the Book of Mormon in Alma chapter 5 and i think it went really well. its fun to be able to just sit and discuss the book of mormon with other missionaries. 

Hna Coombs had to give a talk this past sunday haha. and then all week Elder Neeley was specifically praying for the comedor to serve hamburgers and french fries. on our way to lunchon sunday he was telling us about it and how he was jokingly going to fast until he got hamburgers haha. while we were walking we smelled french fries and we all started to freak out. we walked inside and they were serving hamburgers and french fries! it was a miracle haha. the funny part it they ran out right as Elder Neeley was about to get one haha, its okay he was able to go back and get a hamburger later. just goes to show the Church is true and God answers prayers haha. 

i forgot it was labor day on monday... that was weird. 

Hna Coombs and i bought awesome scripture cases for our spanish scriptures at the tienda. they´re leather and have the Latin tree of life picture engraved on the front and then my name, mission and favorite scripture on the back. its so cool, i´ll try to send pictures. i chose 3 nephi 22: 10, 14

the ccm has a sand volleyball pit out back behind the gym and our district has been playing that this past week for gym. its super fun. 

we got new hermanas in our zone last week but they never sit next to us or talk to us, they´re extremely independent and made friends with other hermanas from different zones already so we never get to talk to them. so Hna Coombs and i just hang out with the only other hermanas in our zone, Hermana Nielson and Hermana Williams (No we´re not related we already checked) they are super fun and we love sitting with them. Hermana williams taught be a how to break and apple in half with my hands (i might have already told you that sorry...) and hna Nielson taught me how to do a cart wheel!  i wish we couldve all been together at byu or something cause we love them so much. 

there are a lot of people here i wish i couldve met at BYU or something cause i think we could all be best friends. being here is like a super hyped up byu or efy but way better. 

it poured down rain yesterday afternoon ( it does that a lot here) and so our district made paper airplanes and threw them out the window to see how far they would fly in the rain. then Elder Neeley and Elder Winn made planes out of huge pieces of paper and this morning we went up to the top floor of the Thomas S. Monson building (which is the tallest building here) and threw them out the windows to see how far they would go.... it was a pretty epic build up but due to the awkward angle of the windows, both planes just dropped straight down... it was a but of a let down. 
I promise we focus and study but sometimes we just end up doing stuff like that. its district bonding and we´re building zion in unity haha. 

I love you all! 
I know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints is true and that Heavenly Father loves all of His children. I know that he will protect me and watch over me as I head off to Chile. I know that he answers prayers and performs miracles in our lives everyday. I feel so grateful to Him for all he has given me.

Until next time!

- Hermana Williams

our district graduating from the ccm ( yes, those are our book of mormons on our heads)

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