Monday, December 15, 2014

Dec 1 - Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!
sounds like thanksgiving in Bothell was super relaxed. we didnt do much for thanksgiving, we forgot about it until right before lunch. we did eat potatoes and chicken, sort of like turkey. to celebrate we bought pie from a bakery. 
we had zone conference with Presidente Obeso! it was awesome, he had some really great things to say. the conference was from 9am to 4pm and we ate lunch in the church building.  it was super great and i could understand him! yay!
it was Nibaldos birthday this week! we bought him ingredients to make smores (this is an inside joke) and wrote him a card and taught him about the gift of the Holy Ghost.  hes on track to receive the priesthood in like two weeks and hes super pumped.
our ward  combined with another ward and we had a talent show! i think you all already saw the video, that was pretty fun. and the little toddler that is standing next to me is Mite, shes the granddaughter of Victor and Blanca and shes the cutest. we ate sopepies which are scones with carmel or jam, super rico.
ARACELI GOT BAPTIZED!!!!! yay! we had a combined baptism in the stake with three people baptized. it was so fantastic to see the whole first pew filled with people dressed in white. Hermana Baker and i sang I stand all amazed acapella and it went really well. Araceli is the greatest. 

the next day, sunday both she and nibaldo were confirmed with the gift of the holy ghost, it was beautiful. afterwards we said goodbye to araceli because she leaves for port venir for vacation and wont come back to punta arenas until march. we're a little nervous that shell be gone for so long, we dont want her to become menos activo but we really felt she should be baptized right now and she recieved her answer so we are going to have faith that she'll stay strong.
the son of a hermana in our ward passed away yesterday, he had special needs and was 26 years old and it was expected. we ended church early in order to set up the funeral service for him. apparently here in chile funerals last all day and into the night. people come and sit and talk and eat for hours. hermana baker and i sang lots of hymns. and today is the vieiwing which lasts all day and all night until midnight and tomorrow is the burial in the cemetary. it was interesting to see how it is here in chile.
Victor and Blanca didnt come to church yesterday... im a little sad about it.
we found out our transfers this morning: Hermana Baker is going to Porte Montte to be a sister training leader and im staying here in punta arenas and my new companion is hermana jenkins, i only know that shes only been in the mission one transfer more than me! 
hermana baker will leave on wednesday. we're sad to leave each other but we've  both realized that its time for a change.
hope you all have a great week, i love you so much!
love, Hermana Williams

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