Saturday, November 29, 2014

Nov 25 - the end is near..... and penguinos!!!

Today is the beginning of my last full week in my training. next wednesday is transfers and we're guessing that im going to stay here and hna baker is going to leave. super sad, i love hermana Baker. 

this week was fantastic! first of all, monday felt like christmas because i recieved the two packages. thanks so much for all the warm gear and hand warmers and thank you for sending me Lindsay and Jadens wedding announcement i almost cried when i saw it haha. mom if you could find out her email address for that'd be great. thanks for the candy from france and just for everything in general, i loved it. 

i also recieved the postcard from france and the halloween card from grandma on wednesday! thanks so much! i loved them both and they're taped to the wall in our bedroom. 

on monday after we returned from emailing and shopping we realized we had locked both of our sets of keys inside our house! luckily Bianca our neighbor was home, and Bianca is tiny. we had her climb through the tiny bathroom window into our house. we had to borrow a ladder and push up and into the window. she did it though and we were able to get inside! yay Bianca!

Elder Marshall (the new companion of our district leader elder Lopez who is also in our ward) got bit by a dog this week and had to go to the hospital. i also found out that he's best friends with Elder Thomas, my district leader from the ccm!

hermana baker completed one year in the mission  this week! we bought her one balloon and i decorated it with sharpy and we had brownies and ice cream for breakfast with one birthday candle haha. 

Victor and Blanca need a lot of prayers. their son and his girlfriend were in a car accident. they're okay but it shook them all up a bit. i dont want to give all the details but they're hoping this is a wake up call for their son. and they're struggling with applying the gospel to their lives. we invite them to come to church, that this is going to help them recieve the guidance they need but then they dont come because they´re too sad about their son. its hard, Victor wants to be baptized but he keeps saying not yet. they need a lot of help. Mom and Dad, if you would like, its fine with me to share your testimonies on facebook. 

we are going to have zone  conference this week with Presidente, and hna baker and i are going to sing a christmas song medley with some other elders. 

Araceli passed her baptism interview! shes on date for the 29th of November.

it all came together. we were a little stressed out but he was baptized and thats all that matters. he asked me last week to give a talk on charity, i had spent the whole week working on it. i had notes, scriptures, words that i didnt know in spanish written down. the baptism started and i was leading the first hymn when suddenly i realized that i had left my notes and my scriptures in my backpack in the other room and i didnt have time to go and grab them! i was the first person to give a talk, after the Bishop announced me i went up, asked if i could use his book of mormon and flipped open to Moroni 7: 45-48 and basically gave my talk from off the top of my head and what i could remember from my notes. i was nervous but my spanish wasnt awful which was a miracle from Heavenly Father. super exciting. 
hna baker and i sang with some other elders, which we threw together ten minutes before the baptism started. 
the relief society provided cake afterwards, we took lots of pictures. Victor and Blanca came! it was really great! Nibaldo is going to be confirmed this upcoming sunday. 

for pday today we went with all the other hermanas and got to see the penguinos! real penguins! they were tiny and kind of far away but i offically have a picture with the real penguins of punta arenas! it was super fun. 

congrats to Michael on his mission call!!!!! yay!!!! you're going to love it, the mission is the best decision you will ever make in your life! the mexico ccm is awesome! make sure and talk with the Latinos there! they'll help you with your spanish! and make the most of it, the ccm is super fun. 

thanksgiving doesnt exist here which is weird, i forgot about thanksgiving. people have already started decorating for christmas. and all the stores have summer clothes out with christmas decorations its so weird. its summer here but its punta arenas, therefore it still feels like winter! and windy! we took pics with the ropes on the side of the roads today! 

love you all, have a great thanksgiving, i'll be thinking of you!

love, Hermana Williams

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