Saturday, January 3, 2015

Dec 29 - Happy New Year from Chile!

Hola familia y amigos,
I think being able to skype and see my family was the best christmas present ever! i loved every minute of it. I cried a little too much haha. it was so much fun to see everyone and be able to speak spanish. 

the rest of christmas was really fun. after skype calling and drying my tears, victor and blanca served us tres leches cake and gave us our christmas presents, little boxes of perfumes. we sat and talked for a while with them. Blanca disappeared for a little bit and came back with a old dress that she used to wear when she was younger, she gave it to me for christmas haha! it was very sweet of her but its a dress that i would never wear, its green, has a very interesting pattern and shoulder pads.... 

they drove us to Juans house afterwards where we hung out with juan and the elders. we made cinnamon rolls and while they were rising we went outside and played with the water gun again. we hiked out into the real campo and played hide and go seek and tag with the water gun. it was super fun! the campo is so beautiful! we came back to the house, played uno, ate cinnamon rolls, they kind of failed though... and passed a soccor ball around outside. we came home dead tired. 

i cant remember if i mentioned this during skype, but we had secret santa between juan and the elders. i had elder Lopez and hermana Jenkins had Juan and we decorated tee shirts for them that say some of our inside jokes. hermana jenkins recieved a framed photo of the elders from elder marshall and Juan gave me protein powder.... but then came out with the real gift, a scarf and fancy chopsticks (i have no idea why he gave me chopsticks) it was super fun. hermana Jenkins also gave him the water gun... big mistake. 

friday was rough, we were super tired and had the after christmas blues. no one was home or wanted to let us in. we did get to teach victor and blanca and they fed us completos!

saturday we had interviews with presidente. he told me my spanish has improved a lot and is really good now. i think its a matter of comparison because my first interview with him was after one week of being in chile and i couldnt speak spanish at all. but the interview was really great. we had a christmas activity with presidente, we all went to sing and contact people in the plaza again. afterwards we had a dinner all together and played white elephant, it was hilarious. hermana jenkins and i gave away random stuff from our casa that we didnt want anymore. i recieved a nice big tea mug, perfecto and hermana jenkins a little decorated box that was empty haha. 

presidente gave each companionship a box of cookies and a box of chocolate covered cherries. we went home and started eating the cherries... but they tasted really weird, like almost a stinging taste.... we talked to our district leader later and he said that we shouldnt eat the chocolate cherries because they contain 5% alcohol! i guess presidente didnt read the ingredients! haha it was super funny. first time consuming alcohol and its during my mission!

sunday i wasnt feeling very well and neither was hermana jenkins. i think we got sick from being wet and cold on christmas when we played outside. we went home after lunch and i slept for a couple hours and we just hung out in the house. i always thought that being able to have time to just sit in the casa and sleep and do nothing would be so wonderful.... but yesterday was aweful! i was so bored! even though i was writing in my journal and organizing things i felt like i was doing absolutely nothing with my life! the thing about missionary work is that its hard but its fulfilling. 

i hope everyone a wonderful christmas and that you all have a very happy new year. i dont know what our rules for the new year are yet, but Juan invited us to his house again with the elders. 

mom i got the post card from whistler this week! and please tell sister kamikawa and the halls thank you for the letters. and i was thinking, if you are going to send me more of the face topical can you also send me more face wash, that would be fantastic!

i dont want my time here in punta arenas to end!  i love it here so much! i love being a missionary, even though its hard sometimes. i know that its worth it and that this is the greatest work i will do in my life. 

love you all!

love, Hermana Williams

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