Sunday, January 11, 2015

Jan 5 - Feliz Año Nuevo!!!

I think this year was the most boring new year ever haha, we had to be in our house at 9pm. Wednesday we taught Nibaldo and then went to go visit a lot of people who werent home. the thing about Punta Arenas is that a lot of families are just living here during the school year and during christmas time they go live in their houses in the campo. so nobody was home this week. we went to Juans house again and did servicio and made cena with them. they drove us back to our house and then later brought us cena to eat and we made cookies. we went to bed at 11pm and i woke up to the sound of fireworks at midnight. pretty boring hahaha. 

the next day we were walking around knocking doors at 3pm in the afternoon and the streets were absolutely deserted... there werent even any dogs in the streets. it was crazy. we went back to Juans house and made cinnamon rolls with him and his sister Lily. we got in a huge frosting fight and i had frosting all over my hair and clothes and we went to victor and blancas house afterwards like that. we ate cena with them and shared a scripture. 

we found four new people to teach this week! we were walking to Victor and Blancas house and suddenly this man came out from his house and started calling to us in english. we went to talk to him and he said his son speaks english and he wanted us to practice with him. he said "do you want to come inside?" and we said yes!!!!! his son is named Daniel and hes 18 years old, we talked in english for a while and then we were talking about how we are missionaries and he asked us "so what is your message?" perfect!!!! we set up another appointment with him and when we came back we also met his Brother Cristian and his cousin Juan Pablo and they were interested too, they asked us "why do people call you mormons?" perfect!!!! so we explained the book of mormon and the restoration. the next time we came by only Cristian and his girlfriend Ana were there so we taught them and Ana is interested too!!! 

we all got together on saturday morning to play volleyball in our church gym. daniel, chris and ana came to play with us it was so much fun and they loved it. they want to get together again this week with us. Juan came and he is already really good friends with them. im so excited!!! Victor also came to play volleyball with us haha, he just watched and took pictures, like always. 

yesterday we walked a lot. we had to finish verfiying the addresses of a huge list of less active members and it was raining yesterday. we finished the day with victor and blanca and they fed us and served us hot tea. haha we taught them the law of the fast this week so they were all like "oh you´re fasting! are you still fasting? how do you feel? you must be so hungry, you poor things" 
they really are our grandparents haha, they started asking if we had crushes on any of the elders here in punta arenas, we said no but they insisted and started naming off all the elders they knew haha. 

24 days until michael leaves for his mission! wow! good luck shopping!

we got together and ate pizza with Juan and Nibaldo for lunch today.
we're planning on Nibaldo blessing the sacrament this upcoming sunday. 
one week until transfers, im a little nervous. i honestly dont know if im going or leaving. i feel like hermana Jenkins could still do another transfer together.... vamos a ver. victor, blanca and Juan think im leaving.

im having a lot of fun here! i feel so lucky because i get to hang out with my best friends hermana Jenkins, Juan, los elderes, Victor and Blanca and Nibaldo every day! i have been blessed so much here in punta arenas. but i'll go where the Lord wants me to go. 

have a great week!

love, hermana Williams

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