Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Jan 12 - Brownies and Casuelas - no mas!

Hola familia y amigos,

this week i was able to use my baking skills to hasten the work of the Lord. Brownies dont exist here, of if they do they´re not that good. so CHilenos are crazy about brownies and are more than willing to come to an activity or listen to us if we bake them brownies haha. we bakes brownies 6 times this week! 

also, there's a dish here called casuela, its a stew/soup that has chicken, pasta, rice, and potatoes. i like it, but Hermana Jenkins does not and we ate it three times this week for lunch. 

we are done with brownies and casuela. 

this week we spent a lot of time helping the menos activa madaline who broke her leg. we've been cleaning her house, doing chores, and reading the book of mormon with her. last night we came and made her brownies and her husband cookes us cordero, lamb, and we had dinner all together. i dont like lamb very much but i was very grateful to their family. 

theres a new family in our ward that moved from a nother barrio, the familia Burgos. they are super fantastic. the dad is in the stake presidency and the mom is in the presidency for stake young womens, they have three kids. 17, 11 and 4 years old. we ate with them twice this week. the hermana cooks A LOT. too much. i swear, my stomach grew two sizes that day. it was rough. we´ve learned to just not eat breakfast on the days we have lunch with them. but they're great, the parents love to talk and talk a lot so we just get to sit back and relax and stuff ourselves haha. they bought rootbeer for us and we had rootbeer floats for dessert one day, it was super gringo haha. 

on wednesday we got together with our new investigators Daniel (danny) Cristian (Chris) and Juan Pablo. Daniella and Juan came with us and we all played Uno together. we meant to teach them afterwards but they suddenly had to leave for a futbol game, it was lame but it was okay. 

Araceli is in town! she came down to punta arenas for the week to visit and we were able to teach her the first of her lessons of retencion. on friday we had a noche de hogar in the house of daniella where we made more brownies and watched joseph smith prophet of the restoration. Danny and Chris came! Chris had to leave early but danny stayed and watched the movie and actually payed attention and had questions it was awesome. 

the best day this week was Sunday because Blanca finally came to church!!!!! its been like three months since the first time she came! i was so happy! and Nibaldo blessed the sacrament for the first time! i was so proud of him, i was filled with so much joy, it was so wonderful to see that now hes a worthy priesthood holder. 

there were two gringos from mercer island that showed up to church yesterday haha. two tourists who are here to hike torres del paine and dont speak any spanish. they were super nice and it was so fun to talk with them. they only stayed for sacrament meeting but im happy to hear that you got the photo mom. so much fun!

we had lunch with victor and blanca yesterday after church and they invited Juan too. it was super fun, i love all of them so much. 

we found out transfers today.... 
I´m leaving punta arenas and going to Valdivia which is north, more northern than Osorno. My new companion is Hermana Conde and she is from Peru, Hermana Jenkins knows her and she says shes fantastic. My flight leaves wednesday. 
Im excited to go to a different place and be with a Latina but im going to be honest, when i found out my first thought was Victor and Blanca and i just started crying. 
I dont want to leave, there are a lot of people here whom i love with all my heart. 
we had lunch with Nibaldo today and i had to say goodbye to him for what might be the last time in this life. that was hard. he knows my first name now haha, we filmed his reaction, he said that i dont look like a melanie! im going to miss him a lot, hes my best friend. 

we havent told Victor and Blanca yet, we're going to pass by later tonight and tell them in person. i dont want to tell them. 

my time in punta arenas has been the best time of my life. i have been unbelievably blessed by the Lord to have met so many wonderful people. I know that even if i cant see them again in this life, that one day we will all see each other again and we will stand before God the Eternal Father and it will be glorious. 
I know the church is true. i know there is life after death. i know that i can be with the people i love forever. 

love, hermana Williams

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