Saturday, December 19, 2015

December 14, 2015 - The Final Countdown

Hola familia y amigos, 

I have officially started my last transfer in the mission. In exactly 6 weeks I will be coming home. Scary. We found out transfers today in the morning...

I am staying in San Pablo and Hna Torres is going to Punta Arenas to be in my first sector Ovejero!!! I am receiving a new companion. She`s Latin. That's all I know. I can't even remember her name... but she's relatively new and she`s coming from Valdivia. 

I think I'm more excited that Hna Torres is going to Punta Arenas than she is... she`ll be able to see Victor y Blanca and Nibaldo and everybody!!! 

Well the most exciting part of this week is that Marion was baptized!!!!! She was baptized and confirmed on Tuesday and the baptism was beautiful! I sang Abide With Me Tis Eventide. In the morning we had to clean and fill the baptismal font and the water was way too hot, we had to turn the cold water on and wait a bit so that she could enter haha. After the service we borrowed her husband's keys and ran to their house and decorated it with white balloons and gifted her a hymnal. It was awesome. She was baptized by an hermano in the Branch, because her husband doesn't have the priesthood yet. But they are super happy and excited to go the temple next!
Marion's baptism.

On Thursday we had a huge mission conference and a member of the Setenta came to talk to us, Elder Texeira. It was awesome to listen to him and he gave us tons of advice and guess what.... I SAW HERMANA BRAITHWAITE!!! It was a glorious reunion. We ran and embraced each other like a slow motion movie scene haha. It was so good to see her and it was hard to say goodbye afterwards. 

Friday we had intercambios with the hermanas lideres and I went to Osorno again with Hna Call. Hna Call finishes her mission this week. It's funny because I was her first intercambio when she was called as hermana lider and friday I was her last intercambio. Sweet. 
Hermanas Williams and Braithwaite reunited!

Saturday the branch had a big luau Hawaii activity and the Familia Fuentealba came! It was hilarious because their daughter, Karen is 11 years old. She really wanted to go to the party but then her parents said no, we're going to Osorno... and she cried! She cried so hard that her parents changed their minds and they all came to the party haha. We had a blast and they showed a short 10 minute video from the church about us Mormons, It was awesome. 

Sunday we had 2 investigators in the church. Victor came alone because his family ended up going to Osorno after the party and didn't get home until super late so they never woke up in the morning. We picked up an elderly man who we contacted yesterday and said he wanted to go to church with him, We walked with him and a member and he stayed for all the classes.We`re going to visit him on Wednesday, His name is Osbaldo. 

That same night there was a young women's activity and we brought Karen to it and she really liked the program; she wants to come to mutual now. She`s only 11, but more young woman than Primary. 

It rained really hard all weekend, so I take my words back about sunshine and heat. But the pulgas (fleas) are back. They are eating my ankles. One bit me right where my spider scar is.
Hnas. Williams & Torres at Branch activity.

We`re getting closer to Christmas, we've been sharing the new video with people and I`ve been trying to sing everybody Christmas carols haha. We still don't know all the details for Christmas yet, I don't know with whom we are going to skype... probably in the Relief Society Presidents house. but I`ll let you know next Monday. 

San Pablo Branch Activity
Those are all the highlights of this week. I'm really excited for my last transfer... it doesn't feel real.  I'm determined to make the best of my last 6 weeks. I'm grateful to be a servant of the Lord. 

Thanks for all the letters and love, 
have a great week!

love, hermana williams

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