Saturday, December 19, 2015

December 7, 2015 - Here Comes the Sun!

Hola familia y amigos, 

This week was great! It`s starting to feel like summer here in San Pablo. The sun has come out and we've been dying under the heat haha. I had my first sun burn of the season, but don't worry mom, I've been putting sunscreen on everyday. San Pablo is beautiful in the summer, with tons of roses and cherry trees in bloom. Hna Torres says there are no cherries in her country, so she's been taking tons of photos and stealing tons of cherries off of people's trees. 

This week we had lots of lessons and contacts and walking in the sun. Nothing really that exciting no crazy mission stories. 

Monday we taught the familia F and it turns out their oldest son is more receptive than they are haha. He hasn't been living in the house with them for awhile for work, but now he is.  He was super excited about everything we had to teach. He told us he wanted to come to church on Sunday!

On Thursday our mission president, Pres. Obeso came to San Pablo for interviews. I had a real nice talk with him. We mentioned our investigator Marion to him and it turns out he already knows her. He came to church in San Pablo once and she was there, This was over a year ago. He knows that she's been attending church and investigating the church for a long time. We explained that we put her with a baptismal date but it keeps falling because she has to work on Sundays. We thought that she needs to attend church at least 3 times with us but he told us that's a lie! She has been investigating the church for so long that she can be baptized whenever she wants to. We don't have to worry about church attendance or reteaching her the lessons or anything! MIRACLE we were shocked and so happy. 

We ran to Marion's house to tell her the good news but before we even explained what happened she told us that her job didn't renew her contract and now she`s not working. Sad that she lost her job but at the same time its a miracle because now shes not working every Sunday!!!! We told her the good news and invited her to be baptized. She said she wanted to talk with her husband and pray about a specific date this month. 

Friday we found a grandma who investigated the church for a super long time because her husband was member but she never got baptized. Her husband passed away a year ago and the missionaries stopped coming by because she wasn't progressing. We taught her the Restoration and we had to yell because she can't hear very well. We explained that she can be sealed in the temple to her husband so they can be together forever. She told us that she has been having tons of dreams where she sees her husband in a suit and tie telling her to get ready and dress herself up because they need to go get remarried.... like to get sealed in the temple!!!! It was super awesome to hear that; the Spirit was super strong. We invited her to be baptized but she`s so old that she really can't comprehend the need to ¨change religions¨we're going to keep working with her though. This woman needs to be baptized !

On Sunday we committed the familia F and their son  V and Marion and her less active husband  to all come to church. We set out super early in the morning, calling and picking them up, in the end they all said they would come on their own. We got to church and it started and time passed...... and we were on the edges of our seats..... and they all came! We had a total of 5 investigators, 4 less active members and a total attendance of 40!!! Thats huge!!!!! We were so excited. 

It was fast and testimony meeting and the testimonies were awesome, the Spirit was strong and towards the end, the dad of the familia F, dagoberto, got up and bore his testimony!!!! Our jaws dropped to the floor! He said that he`s really happy to be here in the church and to have the missionaries visit him and it looks like now they know which road they need to take in life...... :) 

After Sacrament Meeting Marion announced her baptism date..... December 8th!!!! tomorrow!!!!! it's a holiday here in Chile and its the only day that both she and Marcos can be there! We were completely shocked! We were praying that she would choose at least 1 day before the transfer, this weekend. But she decided on Tuesday! We are so happy!

Marion had her baptismal interview this morning and she passed. We spent all day yesterday running around to get everything set and ready for Tuesday. After more than a year investigating she's finally getting baptized! She`s super excited! 

It was awesome because in my interview with President I expressed to him some discouragement because I haven't been able to see a baptism in almost a whole year.  He told me that answers to prayers sometimes come faster or slower than we think :) This time it was faster. 

So the familia Fuentealba and the Marion need tons of prayers. 

That was the best part of this week. 

A big hug for Sarah White and Kaylyn next week from me! Tell them to write me haha. 

I testify that Heavenly Father answers prayers and that miracles are real and that He loves us a lot. I'm really grateful for this week and so excited for the weeks ahead. 

Thanks for the love and support. 

love, Hermana Williams

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