Tuesday, December 22, 2015

December 21, 2015- Trio Part 2

Hola familia y amigos, 

Feliz Navidad! It`s been raining and sunny every other day here so it doesn't really feel like Christmas. This week was crazy, a ton happened. 

On Tuesday my companion, Hna Torres had to leave for Punta Arenas. She has a lot of stuff and it took her a long time to pack. I had to convince her to leave things behind. We kind of had an emergency transfer when the zone leaders called and said that we needed to be in Rio Bueno in an hour. Hna Torres freaked out and started laughing hysterically from the stress because she wasn't going to be ready in one hour. Two hours later we made it to Rio Bueno! 

Apparently all Chilean airports were going on strike so we had to hurry and send Hna Torres on her flight to Punta Arenas before they closed everything.  I stayed with the hermanas in Rio Bueno, Hna Kogianes and Hna Torres (from Argentina). Yes, I got to be companions with Hna Kogianes again! 

Hna Torres2 (Hna Torres from Argentina ,I shall  call her Torres2) was finishing her mission. She was supposed to be in Osorno on Wednesday but with the airport strike no one was going home. Crazy cambios happened and she stayed in trio with us (triplet companionship) on Wednesday we traveled to Osorno to drop Hna Kogianes off at the terminal so she could travel to Valdivia to be with her new companion. I stayed with Hna Torres2 and we waited for my new companion Hna Villena. She arrived 2 hours later. 

Hna Villena is de Ecuador! She came from Valdivia, Rio Cruces and knows Rodrigo and Margareth! She has 4 months in the mission. I'm her third companion. 

 Hna Villena and Torres2 and I stayed and worked in trio in San Pablo for three days. Hna Torres2 was a good sport, but she was stressed out about not going home, her family was probably freaking out. We joked about how she was in overtime and her authority card already expired so we should be able to have tons of lessons with member present haha. But it was super fun to work with both of them. Hnas Torres2 and Villena are really relaxed and quiet and chill, the opposite of Hna Torres de Colombia haha. I miss her and su merced haha. 

On Thursday we had to build a giant Bible costume out of cardboard. The zone leaders asked us to make one for a Christmas activity the next day. I never knew a Bible could take so much time to make. But it was fun to get to know the hermanas better. 

We taught the Familia F on Thursday.We invited them to be baptized and they told us they're tired of the missionaries always asking them to be baptized. They don't feel prepared and they want to wait.... it was a little disappointing, but at least they were honest with us. They said they have desires to be baptized in the future but not so soon. They want to investigate the church for a couple years... so they're not really progressing that much right now. but we're still going to pass by every once in a while to read the Book of Mormon with them and invite them to church. 

Their son, V is 29 years old, but looks like he's 24. His progress is different. He likes the church but he works a ton. He's gone for 3 or 4 weeks at a time so he can't commit to anything.  We're going to keep trying with him. 

Friday in the afternoon we had a big Christmas missionary activity. We went to Osorno and a choir sang Christmas carols in the plaza and we contacted and passed out balloons and cookies to everyone. The elders dressed up as the Bible and the Book of Mormon and took selfies with people haha. 

Saturday Hna Torres2 finally went home!  We sent her to osorno in the morning. We had fasted that she and the other missionaries would be able to go home and  a day later the zone leaders called and said she was going home. Miracles happen!!!!!

It was super fun to be in a trio, I'm going to miss Hna Torres2. 

Now Hna Villena and I are together just the 2 of us in San Pablo. She`s used to busy crowded Valdivia so she got here and was like "where are all the people?" haha. The members are super excited to be able to 'kill me off', or rather that I'm ending my mission here. They say they are already planning my farewell party. 

Sunday we only had Victor in church. It was our Christmas program and I sang a solo of Away in a Manger. We did the same missionary activity in the plaza of La Union and it went well. We walked a lot 

Hna Villena caught a cold. She`s not feeling very well but she`s still really excited to work hard and be here in San Pablo. 

It was a great week and time is flying by and im really enjoying the 12 Days of Christmas packet that Mom and Dad sent me. I'm trying to improve on being more grateful and prayerful during the day. 

I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas! I know that Jesus is the Christ and that He lives and that He is the Savior of the world. I'm so grateful to be His missionary. 

love, hermana williams

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