Thursday, September 24, 2015

September 21, 2015 - More Changes

Hola familia y amigos, 

Well I guess I should  clarify that  am alive. I know that there was a big earthquake in Chile this week and that it was all over the news.  It was in northern part of Chile, and my area was not affected at all. We didn't even feel the ground move or anything. So yes,  I am safe, don't worry.
Hermana K and Hermana Williams

I was more worried for Scott than anything but it sounds like Easter Island wasn't hit, so he`s okay I hope. 

This week we went to the clinic a lot and had a couple of inside the house adventures. 

On tuesday we made empanadas with our landlady who lives next door- so I only had to hobble five steps haha. Her name is Maria and she lives all a lone and she loves it when we come over and talk to her. She showed us all her photo albums and got so excited. She also taught us how to make empanadas and she`s the cutest. 

On Wednesday I was cleaning and polishing my leather boots that I bought here and I replaced the soles with my Superfeet. Turns out the soles were completely shredded. There's a tradition here in the mission that when you complete one year you have to burn something; a shirt or skirt or something. So we burned my shoe soles in our beautiful little wood stove!I wrote the names of all my previous sectors on the soles with a Sharpie and we took pictures and  videos.
Hna. Williams baring her SOLE!

On Thursday we went to the clinic like normal and I met with a new doctor to try to get my pain medication refilled. He took a look at my knee and told me I can start going out to work again! He said I can walk, but not fast and of course if my knee starts to hurt I need to rest and take a break. So I can last about 3 hours maximum, but that's better than nothing! He also told me that I need to start wearing tennis shoes.... right when I though I had already learned my humility lesson, now I have to wear my tennis shoes with a skirt..... it was hard enough to buy and wear mission shoes... trial of my faith haha. But I know it will help my knee so, I will obey. 

Friday was the 18 of September CHILEAN INDEPENDENCE  DAY!!! It's a huge deal here. We had permission to hang out with the members in the activity all day because there are a lot of drunks in the streets. We made sopaipillas, empanadas, played games, danced cueca and ate Once, It was awesome!! It's a small branch where the members are one big family. I wasn't able to tap dance this year... but Hna K enjoyed herself, It's her first 18.
Hermana Williams Making Sopaipillas for the Sept. 18th Activity.
Chilean Independence Day Branch Activity

Saturday we didn't leave out to work much because Chileans love to party and there were lots of drunks. We worked until it got dark outside. 

sunday we had church and it was great, i had to give the sunday school class. i was thinking that if someone had asked me to give a class in spanish a year ago i would have died.... but now its a little more fun. we`re going to have a big conference next week because they`re combining our district and branches with the osorno stake. 

This week we have cambios!  Hna K and I thought we were going to stay together because I just got here, but wrong!  She`s going to Rio Bueno and she`ll be in the same district with me still. I am receiving a new companion,Hna P from Colombia. I'm excited. I don't know the sector here yet.... but I did it in Puerto Varas and I can do it again. I'ts a small town. 

Sorry I don't have much to write. That's about it. 
Let hna Braithwaite know that I did recieve all my stuff... thanks for the toddys! I love her. 

I'm still learning a lot of pacience and humility this week. but I am feeling better. I have faith that I'm on the path back to being better. I know that Heavenly Father is with us every step of the way when we pass through hard times, I know that we are His children and He loves us. 

I'm grateful to be His missionary. 

love, Hermana Williams

Subway with Hermana Jenkins!

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