Tuesday, September 29, 2015

September 28, 2015 - Bad Luck

Hola familia y amigos, 

This week was crazy and went by very fast. 

Monday and Tuesday were spent running around San Pablo to let Hna K say goodbye to all the members and investigators. She really loved this sector and it was very emotional for her. Reminded me of when I left Punta Arenas. 

Wednesday I woke up with a horrible cold. I felt awful. I had aches and chills and a fever and everything. We had therapy in the morning and I slept on the medical table haha. We had cambios, my new companion Hna Pinto came. She is from Colombia and she is really nice and cute and funny. 
Hermana Williams and Hermana Pinto

I feel bad because we came home, I showed her around the house and then I slept some more while she unpacked. So we didn't do much Wednesday. I felt awful. 

Thursday I was still horribly sick; I had a gross cough and I could barely talk. we were able to visit some people, but not the whole day. 

Friday we met with Doctor Garcia so he could check up on my knee. I finished all the therapy sessions so he was going to tell me if my knee is better and if I can walk or not. My knee felt pretty good this past week. except on Thursday. Wednesday night I made the mistake of walking really fast so we could get to the house on time and Thursday my knee was suffering. 

When we saw the doctor he took a look at my knee, but then he heard my cough and he was like ".... you have bronchitis." and I'm like "WHAT NO" so he took a look and listened to my lungs and diagnosed me with bronchitis. He wrote me a prescription for a million pills and an inhaler. He told me he wasn't going to do anything for my knee until my lungs were better. I was to go home and stay inside and rest and not go outside if it was really cold or windy. 

As for my knee, he looked at it, moved it around, etc. and he still says something's wrong, because it still hurts and it shouldn't hurt anymore. He wants to take an xray or a ct scan or something and he`s already sent to order to the Mission to start doing the paperwork for it. So we`ll see how that goes. 

So I'm in the house again! I'm beginning to think I have the worst luck ever. I'm pretty sure the mission nurse laughed when I told her I have bronchitis now. I am the mission´s problem child haha. 

Friday we stayed in the house! Saturday we went out to work because I was feeling a lot better and it wasn't that cold or windy. We worked for almost the whole day and we taught 3 lessons. I felt great!!
Stray dog, Johnny that follows us around all day and waits for us when we're inside a house.  

Sunday we had a big conference in Osorno. They are combining the District of La Union with the Osorno Stake and we got to hear from Elder Ferrera from the Seventy and Presidente Obeso. But we were sitting way in the back and the sound was bad so I barely heard anything... but it was still good. 

Sunday in the afternoon it was really rainy and windy and I felt sick still, worse than Saturday because I kind of overdid it. So we called the nurse and she told me to stay inside. 

That`s basically all that happened this week; kind of boring. I have a little cardboard box of all my medications and little post it note schedules for when I have to take them. I take about 6 pills in the morning and night, three during the day and an inhaler every 6 hours. So i have to wake up at 1am every night to take it or else I  have a cough attack. 
So many pills!

This week I will complete 14 months in the mission. 4 months until I come home. it has gone by very fast. 

Thanks for all the emails and support every week. I'm going to be just fine. 

I know that God lives, He is my loving Father in Heaven, and his son Jesus Christ is my Savior and that is our greatest source of hope in this life. 

love, hermana Williams

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