Tuesday, October 20, 2015

October 19, 2015 - 100 Days!

Hola familia y amigos, 

Thank you all for reminding me that I only have 100 days left in my mission.I actually had a trunky moment earlier this week and did the math myself. But for me its not that trunky. I don't see it as " wow I only have 100 days until I get to go home" I see it as, I only have 100 days left to be a missionary so I better enjoy it. It motivates me. 

This week was great, we worked really hard and I'm exhausted. 

On monday we taught the familia F. We teach their daughter K English for half and hour and then we teach them for another half an hour. Or rather, I teach English haha. we`re trying to teach them the Restoration. they have a lot of desire but it's hard for them to remember what we taught them or read. 

We also taught M, she is an old investigator who now wants to start taking the lessons again. She`s great and we`re helping her with growing her faith. 

Tuesday we had intercambios (exchanges)I went to the sector of the sister training leaders with hna Call! I was Hna Call's first intercambio in Valdivia 6 months ago. It was fun to work with her again. I got to attend a leader meeting, where all the hermanas leaders, zone leaders and district leaders meet up. It was interesting, I felt a little out of place, haha. 

We`ve been teaching a lady named I but its been hard because she has dementia. We just found out. So she can barely remember anything. We've invited her to be baptized twice and she said I`ll think about it both times. We`re going to teach her today and see what happens. We might have to stop teaching her, if she cant remember what we teach her, She can't progress. 

On Wednesday we had correlacion meeting with our ward mission leader and he and his wife made us dinner. It was delicious. They are newlyweds and are about 25 years old, so they are our friends. They showed us their wedding photos. It was only a little trunky haha. 

We went to teach a menos activa less active member this week and we caught her right in the middle of cleaning and organizing her house. We offered to help. I love washing other people's dishes, so I told her I would take care of it. I`ve never seen so many dirty dishes in my entire life. It was a real deep cleaning. but we made it through and felt pretty proud of myself and the menos activa was very grateful.

Our dog sidekicks Johnnie and rambo are still following us around. We tried to trap them in the church parking lot and close the gate but they found a way out. We tried to trap them inside our patio but they escaped again. They are very loyal, but it's hard to work with them when they're fighting with other dogs and barking and jumping all over us. On Friday they killed another cat right in front of us. We feel traumatized. 

On Saturday we got to watch the palada inicial ( first stone laying?) of the temple they're going to build in Concepcion Chile. It was awesome to hear from all the speakers. Everyone is really excited. The temple should be finished in 3 years. 

I'm back to playing the piano again in Sacrament meeting here in San Pablo. Actually its a keyboard. 

This week we were able to find 11 new people to teach and teach a total of 26 lessons. There's still a lot to do here though and we have to work on making sure those new people progress. 

like I said before I don;t really feel trunky to know that I only have 100 days left. It makes me want to work harder and not waste anytime. I still feel tired and my knee still hurts but I feel motivated enough to push that all away and work really hard. I'm so grateful to be a missionary, a servant of the Lord. I know that this is His church. The church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I feel honored to be carry His name. I feel grateful for every experience, every day, He`s already given me. and He reminds me everyday "Forget yourself and go to work"

love, hermana williams

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