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November 16, 2015- Crazy Mission Stories

Hola familia y amigos! 

This week has been the craziest week of my mission... I`ll let you know why. I've decided to split this email up into titled parts. 

The Normal Stuff: part 1 
Hna. Torres and I are adjusting to each other and enjoying our cambio. She`s a lot of fun and she loves to talk about her returned missionary boyfriend that's waiting for her at home haha, sometimes it's a little trunky but very entertaining. I hope I get to end my mission with her. On Monday my knee started hurting real bad, I don't know why, so we had to take a couple minutes in the house to rest and ice it and afterwards I was fine.  Other than that I didn't have any problems this past week. 

We were able to go out to work Monday and teach our new investigator O, she`s really nice and really open to listening and becoming closer to God. It was a great lesson and we made it all the way to prophets.... but then there was an interruption... 

Johnnie & Rambo:part 1 was edited due to content.  Hna. Williams and Torrez were at a lesson with their investigator, O.  The two dogs were outside during the lesson.  They killed O's neighbor's pregnant cat and the rest wasn't pretty.  Everyone was traumatized.

Johnnie & Rambo: part 2
okay you might think this story is a little was a lack of good judgment, good intentions, but ended very complicated... 
The next day we had heard that at the same local animal hospital they were doing free sterilizations of pets and stray dogs and we thought it would be a good idea to take Johnnie to see if they could fix up his leg. I honestly don't know what we were thinking, at the time we thought it was a great idea, that it would only take 20- 30 minutes..... nope we were there waiting for an hour when finally they told us they would only look at Johnnie's leg if we were going to get him fixed( sterilized)... they convinced us that it would be a good idea to get them both fixed, Johnnie and Rambo, that they would be calmer afterwards and not chase after so many cats. we thought, ya! wow great idea! So we talked to Johnnie and Rambos supposed owner and he was all for it! So we thought, ya! Servicio! drop off the dogs at the clinic, pick them up later, half an hour maximum! Wrong.... 

We took Johnnie and Rambo to the clinic ,Johnnie went in just fine but Rambo is big so they had to tranquilize him and put a leash and collar on him and he started freaking out, it looked like he was having a seizure! He bit the leg of one of the workers! We called out returned missionary friend Aldo who has helped up with Johnnie and Rambo to see if he could come and carry Rambo inside because he has more confidence in Aldo. so aldo came running but then another guy was able to calm Rambo down and carry him inside.... so we called Aldo and told him not to come, and that we owed him ice cream for all the trouble. 

Two hours later the clinic called us to say that our dogs were ready. We called Aldo again to help us carry Rambo. We arrived and Johnnie came out just fine but Rambo was traumatized. We had to coax and drag him outside and when he was out he sprinted away towards home... he was super scared. so Aldo carried Johnnie and we went to talk to the owner.... turns out the fixing was free but you have to buy them medicine and clean their wounds and we don't have time for that so we explained everything to the owner but he didn't do anything.... so now we`re worried that Johnnie and Rambo will die from infection... but I think they are okay. 

So thats a crazy mission story... we sterilized two dogs.... I don't know what we were thinking. 

Bad luck part 1: Spider Woman

On Wednesday we had a normal day and we worked and it was great. In the afternoon we had to go to the house to do our progress form and I sat down to call someone and felt something sting me on my ankle and it itched really bad. I thought, oh no pulgas! fleas! So I itched and scratched but it hurt so bad that I took off my boot and tights and saw 4 big red bumps come up on my ankle and heel. and a little bubble blister appeared! Hna Torres said it wasn't pulgas it was a spider bite! We didn't find the spider but I didn't freak out too much because I didn't think a spider bite could do much. We went about the day and the blister got bigger and bigger and burned and it hurt to walk. 

We had  a meeting with our ward mission leader and I asked him about spider bites and he told me I should call our mission nurse asap because it might be the Rincon spider, a deadly poisonous spider here in Chile. So then I  started freaking out. I called the nurse but she didn't answer. We went about with the rest of the day. We had a noche de hogar with M and  M and Hna Torres made arepas!  We came home at night and the blister had doubled in size and filled with yellow liquid. 

The nurse finally called me at 10:55pm and I explained what happened. she was about to send me to the nearest hospital asap to make sure it wasn't Rincon. But I explained more details, I didn't have any of the symptoms or anything so we decided to wait till morning. But she said if I start to feel a fever during the night, to call her, because I might be dying.... I didn't sleep very well haha. 

In the morning I took a look at my ankle and there were 4 big blisters and they hurt super bad! So I called out branch president and his wife and they drove us to Osorno the the clinic so I could  see a doctor. My ankle and foot was super swollen and it hurt to walk. The doctor said that it was a spider that bit me, but not a rincon or anything like that.  Yes the spider had venom and it's sitting in my ankle and if I walk to much my foot will swell up more and the bites will become infected.  I promise its nothing dangerous, I am not going to die or lose a foot or anything. 

They treated my ankle, broke and cleaned out the blisters - that hurt really bad. Bandaged me up, gave me pain meds and antibiotics and sent me home to rest. I've been in house rest since Thursday. I can't go out to work or walk or anything .I returned to the clinic on Friday to do a blood and urine exam and everything came out okay. They cleaned out my wounds again and it hurt so bad I cried. It's like a stinging, burning pain.... like my ankle is on fire. 

Bad luck part 2 

So I'm in the house again! At least until this Wednesday. I have to take tons of pills and rest and try not to walk. I have a big fat bandage and I can only take baths now, I cant get my left foot wet. My foot is so swollen and tender that I can only wear my slipper... so I've moved from tennis shoes to one slipper! The mission nurse gave me crutches today to help me walk, it's only so I don't put too much weight in my foot and so I can walk around to meetings and stuff. it's not a big deal! We`ve been receiving lots of help from members, driving us around, bringing us food, we were able to do splits on Saturday and Hna Torres went out with a member and I stayed inside the house of another. Our RM friend Aldo has been stopping by to do us favors, chop firewood, drop off our laundry. . 

We have been studying the scriptures a ton.I feel bad for Hna Torres to keep her inside, but shes a good sport. We have been trying to spider proof our house this week. I officially have a phobia of spiders. But we`re doing just fine! 

The Normal Stuff part 2

I was still able to go to church on Sunday, with my slipper and everything! We had the Primary program. it's funnier in Chile because kids here are crazy. I had more treatments today in the clinic. the clinic is my home away from home. I am a little frustrated that we can't go out to work but I`ve decided to have a good attitude. I am trying really hard to follow all of the doctors orders so that the wounds don't get infected or else I'll be in the house even longer. 

When I went to the clinic the first time and they told me I couldn't walk the thought came that I have 2 choices: I can get really sad and depressed and have my own pity party for being in the house again.... or I can have a good attitude, have enough faith and hope that everything will turn out okay and that this is just another part of God's plan. I thought to myself, "look, another chance to prove yourself" I feel like I spent a lot of time with my knee moping about and whining and this time I'm going to use my time better, study harder, be humble, prepare myself so that way when I can leave to work, I can work super hard. I have faith that it will all be okay. The Lord tried and healed me once, He can do it again. 

So don't worry about me! Prayers are needed but I know that in a couple days I`ll be fine. I'm thankful that it wasn't worse and that I'm still alive haha. I know that God knows me, He watches over me, He will help me through this. I am His daughter, and even more, I am His servant and His soldier and the Lord needs strong soldiers. 

Thanks for all the love and support and prayers everyday! love you all!. 

love, hermana williams

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