Tuesday, November 3, 2015

November 2, 2015- 15 Months

Hola familia y amigos, 

This week went by unbelievably fast. We did a ton but I can't remember everything. 

On Monday we had a noche de hogar with one of our menos activos that's been reactivated, She`s awesome. She also came to our stake conference on Sunday in Osorno and she brought her two little babies. 

On Tuesday all of San Pablo was freaking out because three times there were military fighter jets that flew over the city. No one had any idea why, but of course everyone was talking about all sorts of government schemes. Our mammita,  hna Cecilia got real heated and rambled to us for half an hour straight. We taught our investigator M the same day and right in the middle of the lesson there was another airplane and they were super loud. 

On Tuesday I also received a call from Hna Braithwaite calling from Hna Obeso's cell phone!  We were right in the middle of a lesson so I could only talk for 2 minutes and I had to contain my excitement in front of M. But it was so good to talk to her!

We`ve been trying to heal Johnnie all week. He survived! But we do have to give him pain meds and clean out his wound everyday, or at least try to. A member here named Aldo, who just got back from his mission in Mexico has been helping us out with Johnnie. Rambo gets really jealous when we pay too much attention to Johnnie so we need one person to hold Johnnie down, the other to clean out his wound and the other to entertain Rambo. Johnnie can't follow us around anymore but Rambo is loyal, and he`s actually calmed down a lot. 

We had our branch Halloween activity on Friday night! Hna Pinto dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood and I went as Snow White (they were the easiest costumes we could think of.) The activity went well, but the hermano who was in charge of games forgot so we had to think of games on the spot.  In the end it was super fun.  I made a big platter of brownies. Members here are obsessed with brownies. 

We did a lot of service this week,which always involves chopping firewood. I cant remember if I already told you, but I finally learned to chop firewood! Hna Pinto taught me- it's super fun. So I did that a lot this week.We also trimmed the grass of our landlord. People here don't own lawn mowers, you have to cut your grass with big scissors. 

on saturday we contacted a woman who started preaching to us about the end of the world and the second coming of christ. we tried to share with her but she talked for a good half an hour quoting the bible and then started crying because the end is near.... i admired her passion. 

we had stake conference this weekend! it was great! our stake president is super young and energetic. it was a great conference that really focused on members and missionary work. love it. 

This week I completed 15 months in the mission. Wow. Hna Pinto surprised me and made me breakfast and sang quinceañera songs all morning. 

This week we have cambios. Hna Pinto is leaving me and going to the Island of Chiloe and I am staying here in San Pablo. I still don't know who my companion is, I'm waiting for the zone leaders to call and let me know. More suspense!

I'm really grateful to be a missionary! I love being a servant of the Lord, I know that this is His church and His work and I cant do it without His help everyday. I know that Heavenly Father is a God of miracles. 

Thanks for the emails and photos and support, 

love, Hermana Williams

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