Saturday, November 28, 2015

November 9, 2015 - Su Merced

Hola familia y amigos, 
Hermana Williams and her newest companion, Hermana Torrez

Okay I know you`re all dying from the suspense so I`ll let you know who my new companion is.... Hermana Torrez from Colombia. Thats right, another Colombiana.  I'm really excited because she`s more Colombian than Hna Pinto. Hna Pinto had already lost her accent and acted more like a Chileana.  Hermana Torrez in one hundred percent Colombian. She has 10 months in the mission, the same group as Hna Pinto. She is super energetic and talks really fast, but she talks clearly, so I can still understand her. She uses a lot of words from Colombia. For example, they use a more formal word than 'usted' when talking to people. They use 'su merced' which means 'you' but really formal. When she first started talking to me I had no idea what 'su merced' was. I was like "who is she talking about?" who is su merced?" She had to explain it to me. So all week it has been su merced. It's starting to stick. 

 This week was really good and busy and fast. Monday and Tuesday was crazy trying to make sure Hna Pinto said goodbye to everyone. She was only here for 6 weeks and everyone was super surprised that she was leaving. She still managed to form some close ties with the members so it was hard for her to leave. On Wednesday morning we were told to take the bus to Osorno and we had to haul her suitcases up to the highway which is about a 20 minutes walk at normal pace. But her suitcases were so heavy that we had to call a ward member, the strongest hermano we knew, to come help us. It was a show. 

We made it to the bus terminal in Osorno in the morning and we had to wait for the bus to Chiloe for 2 hours. I saw Hna Espinoza and Hna Jenkins and tons of other missionaries I know. I was hoping to see Hna Braithwaite, but I missed her. It looks like she got changed to Los lagos, close to Valdivia and she`s not with Hna Smoot now. 

Hna Pinto left for Chiloe and my companion, Hna Torrez arrived half an hour later. She is a very fun, dramatic person and I felt very overwhelmed when she greeted me haha. But we`ve been getting along really well and having lots of fun and working really hard. 

We taught lessons, found new people, contacted, worked, the usual. 

On Sunday we committed the familia F to come to church so we showed up early with breakfast ready for them so they wouldn't have an excuse not to come (i.e. "oh we just woke up, we haven't eaten yet,I have to cook..".) they got a kick out of it, and they came to church, it was awesome. 

We had ward council and as a branch we`re trying to focus on 4 of our investigators in particular: familia F, M and our mamita cecilia. they need prayers! 

My knee is okay. there are still days when it hurts. Today it hurts but its never so much pain like before. I can still work and walk, just a little slower. I get more hip pain now too. 

I'm really excited to be with Hermana Torrez. She knows a ton about the Bible and the Book of Mormon and she`s helping me get more excited to study and learn more to help me teach better. She has a lot of really good fun ideas to help the work progress that aren't just knock doors for three hours. She`s helping me to be humble, to remember that yeah, I have 15 months but I still need to learn, study and improve everyday. 

I'm really grateful for all the experiences that the Lord has given me in my mission and all the people he has placed in my life. I'm grateful for the chance I have to serve Him every single day. And I don't plan to stop after my mission is over. I want to serve Him in every single day of my life. People always told me before the mission that this is the greatest work you can do with your life at this moment... and now I understand why. I thank my Heavenly Father every day. 

Have a great week everyone! 

love, hermana williams

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