Saturday, November 28, 2015

November 25, 2015 - Trio

Hola familia y amigos, 

Just so you all know, I went to the clinic today for my treatments and they told me my foot is healed and good to go and I don't need to come back for more treatments and I can walk again yay! I have three little nasty wounds that will turn into little scars. Cool mission story. But I can go back to being a normal missionary! It healed in only 1 week which is really fast, miracles yay! 

Monday and Tuesday we still had to stay inside the house. We did splits with some members so we were still able to visit and teach our investigators. Team work! 

I had to walk around on crutches for a couple days to avoid using my foot so much. It was awful. My arms died. I have a big nasty bruise on my left arm. my whole body hurt after the first day. I swore to never use crutches again. 

I'm typing right now and I just SAW A SPIDER CRAWL ACROSS THE DESK I'M FREAKING OUT okay sorry I have a phobia. 

But anyways, on Wednesday we had a family home evening with our investigator M and her husband and 2 year old daughter. It went really well. We taught about forever families and how she can be with her family for eternity. We invited her to be baptized and she accepted! She`s on date for December 5th! We`re super excited for her. Her husband is less active member and we committed him to help her towards her goal and to prepare to receive the priesthood so he can baptize her. We celebrated with brownies and then their 2 yr old daughter peed on the floor.... the fun ended and we left haha. 

We had to go to curaciones on Wednesday and I went with my crutches. We had to wait outside at a bus stop in front of the hospital across the street. And I saw my old doctor, Dr. Garcia in the window. He helped me with my knee and then he left the clinic and I never saw him again. But we were able to communicate with hand signs through the window. He saw me with crutches and threw his hands up in the air as if to ask "what did you do this time!?" hahaha made my day. 

On Thursday I ditched the crutches. We had district meeting and we celebrated Hna Kogianes birthday, she's still in my district. She and Hermana Braithwaite also completed 6 months in the mission this week! Shout out to Hna. Braithwaite! Congrats!

Hna Torres and I both have been nursing a cold this week. I got pretty bad on Thursday but now I'm much better. 

On Saturday Hna Torres had to travel to Puerto Montt because Sunday she had a flight from the airport there scheduled to go to Santiago. She`s Colombian and all the Colombian missionaries have to renew their second visas in Santiago. She comes back on Tuesday .Maybe she`ll see Scottie while she`s there. 

she left me with the hermanas leaders in osorno, hna call and hna davila. and now we are in a trio! three missionaries instead of 2. its crazy. we`re not used to it. its hard to stay all together. on saturday the hermanas had a baptism so i got to go to that and i sang in a special musical number with hna davila, that was fun. we sounded good together. sunday i went to church with them, it was weird being in a big ward again instead of my little branch in san pablo. we`re going to be in trio until tomorrow in the afternoon when hna torres gets back. 

it is fun though, more people to talk to. its like a big party and i feel more powerful when we walk down the street haha. 

well that's all I really have to tell this week, Not much. next week will be better because I`ll actually be able to work normally. Thanks for all your prayers. 

In the morning I was reading in the book of mormon in Ether chapter 2 and 3 and I learned about the importance of personal prayer and receiving revelation. It says in ether 3:2 that it's a commandment to pray in order to receive personal revelation. Heavenly Father doesn't just want us to tell Him how our day went, or just give thanks, He wants us to ask, seek, search for what we need in our lives. for revelation that He is more than willing to give us, we only have to ask.  Sometimes the Lord asks us what we want Him to do. Sometimes the Lord wants us to show our faith, solve problems, look for solutions not excuses and He will help us know if its what we should do. That is personal revelation. 

I testify that God answers prayers, He loves us, He wants to hear from us. He is  a God of miracles and I am so grateful to be part of His great and marvelous work. I know Jesus Christ lives, He is our Savior. 

Love, hermana williams

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