Saturday, November 1, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Hola familia!
This week has been great. Although I cant remember, did i mention last week that i gave blood for the first time? yeah that happened. It was a service project with all the rest of the missionaries.
I made the almond thumbprint cookies mom and brought them to our district meeting, everyone loved them. thanks for all the recipes.
Friday our neighbor Bianca pretended to be a missionary with us all day which was super fun, it felt like being in a trio. We had a lesson with Nibaldo, hes having a tough time at home with his grandma and we were talking and reading from mosiah 18: 8-10 about covenants and bearing one anothers burdens when he suddenly stopped to think and then said¨  "so i want to be baptized... but i dont think i can do it this weekend, can we do it like next weekend?" our jaws hit the floor we were so surprised and excited. you have to remember that weve only taught Nibaldo like three times. He said that hes ready to make the first step and start fresh with his journey towards Christ and even though he doesnt know everything about the church yet he knows that the things weve taught him so far are true and he knows baptism is the first step. we read the baptismal interview questions with him and briefly explained the word of wisdom, tithing, law of chastity, sabbath day etc. and he was totally fine and completely willing to live all of them. his date is in three weeks and we`re madly trying to figure out a schedule to teach him everything in that amount of time. he said that he wants me and Hermana Baker right up on the front row with him and he wants us to give talks and sing haha we`ll see if that actually happens. but we`re super excited and even better he`s super excited.
he definitely still needs a lot of prayers at this time while he prepares to make his first covenant, thanks for all you prayers so far.
I almost got bit by a dog last week... we were walking down a street and usually there are always dogs just lying around on the side of the road. there was a normal looking dog sitting outside a fence and he looked like he was asleep. as we got a little closer he suddenly started growling and barking and came at me starting to gnash his teeth. he started to go for my leg when suddenly a car came around the corner and zoomed inbetween us so the dog ran one way and we ran the other and afterwards the dog had disappeared. I was so freaked out, my heart was pounding. i for sure thought i was about to git bit, my body was preparing for it. but God takes care of His missionaries and that car came just intime. I promise im alright, just a little more cautious around dogs now.
we were at Victor and Blancas house the other day and they have a little electric keyboard so hna Baker started playing and i started singing hymns and victor took videos and pictures. we helped him find our dads on facebook, so dad! if you get a friend requeset from someone named Victor thats him and he has photos and videos to share! Victor also bought me and hna Baker little penguin keychains that say punta arenas.
we had stake conference yesterday, three people came with us. Nibaldo, victor y blanca. Hna Baker had to play the piano so i sat with our investigators. an area of the seventy came and spoke to us, Elder Jimenez, he invited everyone to go on a lesson witht he missionaries at least once before christmas yay! I could understand the words they were saying but it was hard to stay focused and follow the line of thought. i sat next to nibaldo and he would translate parts to me so i could actually understand.
today we had lunch with Victor and Blanca, thats why this email is so late. but they drove us around central a little bit and we saw penguins!!!! at least we think they were penguins, they were kind of far away... but we took pictures and we were so excited. so yes, there are penquins down here in punta arenas.
they do celebrate halloween down here but its not as much as a big deal. like kids go trick or treating and they sell candy in the stores but its a lot more low key, ive only seen a couple houses decorated. we`ll see what people actually do. hermana baker and i are going to be each other for halloween, we re going to switch nametags and clothes, i`ll straighten my hair she`ll curl hers and i`ll wear her glasses. we`re excited.
the packages still havent come. soon hopefully, and the card from grandma too. i think punta arenas is the end of the world and things just take forever to get here.
I have a short story, a couple days ago we took a collectivo (taxi) to our lunch appointment and we ended up sharing the car with a hermano from our ward. we talked and made conversation with the driver. when the hermano reached his stop and was about to get out of the car he turned back and said to the driver " listen to their message, it will change your life·". the driver didnt respond really and nothing came of it, we mentioned our message but he cut us off and started talking about something else. even though nothing happened i was still so impressed by the conviction of that hermano. and it made me realize that he`s right. this message, this gospel changes lives for the better and forever. there are so many people searching for a better way of living they just dont know where to find it. as a missionary my purpose is to give others the opportunity to "come and see" to take part in the gospel of Jesus Christ. I also realized that members can have the most profound influence. just because you`re not a fultime missionary doesnt mean you cant preach the gospel.
the church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints is true and can change your life for the better. this is my testimony and this is why I am here in the end of the world :)
i love you all so much, thanks for the prayers. have a great week!
love, Hermana Williams

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