Saturday, November 29, 2014

Nov 10

Hola familia!

wow this week went by so fast and we had a lot of fun adventures. 
first off, Nibaldo is doing just fine. he´s super excited for his baptism and last night for a family home evening we watched the testaments about Christ appearing in the americas. it was super good, super fun. tell the russian sisters that they´re the cutest, thanks so much for praying for him. is there an investigator of theirs that we can pray for too?

We invited Victor and Blanca to be baptized this week but they said their not ready yet. Victor wants to but he doesnt feel prepared enough and Blanca isnt comfortable with the idea of changing religions yet- we invited them to pray about it and continue reading the book of mormon and coming to church in order to recieve a spiritual confimation that baptism is the right thing to do. please pray for them. they've been having some hard family problems. 

we had a lesson with araceli and magaly which took a turn for the worse. we invited araceli to be baptized... again... and she said she doesnt feel worthy, we´ve been working with her on this but she still hasnt made up her mind. her mom magaly is still super skeptical and we think that this is rubbing off on araceli. we were sitting in the lesson when suddenly magaly started asking us what we can or cannot do in our religion. she started comparing us to other religions and then told us that we were wrong because we have the sabbath on sunday and that the advent church is the only church that follows all of the 10 commandments because they have the sabbath on saturday. she basically was trying to prove us wrong, make us slip up, and this all happened right after we invited araceli to be baptized again. it was hard, it broke my heart, i wanted to cry. they've been meeting the missionaries for 6 months but they're just not ready to accept baptism. we're considering dropping them because they're just not progressing. i dont want to, but we cant continue in this battle with magaly anymore. 

that same day we passed by for a reference named sandra. turns out sandra is the mother and lives in the same house as Javiera. Javiera is the woman that read all the anti-mormon material to us like a month ago. sandra wasnt home but Javiera invited us inside. we didnt want to be rude and we thought hey, maybe shes more receptive now. it started out just fine. she showed us a whole bunch of christian songs and music videos on youtube and we showed her some mormon messages on and it was great! then she went to youtube and typed in "the bible vs. the book of mormon " and it all just went down hill from there. it was a video made by a methodist church about whether the book of mormon was true. as soon as the video started the spirit disappeared, we said we had to leave but she insisted that we stay to watch, to make things worse her 4 year old son was so annoying! he kept yelling, throwing stuff at us, climbing all over us, and she didnt do anything about it. 
she stopped the video and then started telling us why the book of mormon isnt true. and the bible is the only word of God on the earth. we listened patienly, i invited her to go to if she had more questions and i bore my testimony that i know the book of mormon is true. she didnt listen, she just kept trying to argue with me. we just decided to stand up and leave, we kissed her goodbye and left. she said " oh no, now you're mad at me" and hermana baker said "no, we're not mad, its just that you're not listening" we left. i dont think we're going to go back. 

It was an adventure and it is reinforced my testimony. we went home and sang hymns and bore our testimonies to each other haha. I realized that I wouldnt have come all the way down to Chile, leave my family and friends behind, if i wasnt absolutely sure that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints is the church of God. 

we had intercambios with our new sister training leaders! Hermana Westover and Hermana Zavallas. they're the best. they both came to work in our sector. we split up have the area and have the work and they slept out in the other room. it was cramped haha. i was with hermana Westover and she has three weeks left on her mission! she was great, gave me lots of good advice. i had to lead the sector with her, becuase i know where everything is and all the people. it wasnt that hard, it was fun and refreshing to be able to feel in charge and not like a newbie. 

oh we had lunch at the home of our ward mission leader, Juan, with all of his family- their house is huge, they live out in the boonies of punta arenas and their house is filled with stuffed animals, like taxadermie... there were hawks, a beaver and a life size emu... it was very interesting. for lunch we had meat.... like the most meat ive seen in my entire life. chicken, pork, beef and lamb. huge trays just filled with meat. they served us huge ribs of lamb that were too big for our plates. i realized that i dont like lamb. his family was crazy and loud and i couldnt understand them. it was stressful. hermana baker and i felt like was broke the word of wisdom for eating that much meat in one sitting but its okay we repented... (exept they sent us home with meat... i dont even want to look at it)

we have devotional this wednesday and Elder Nelson is going to speak! since we're down in punta arenas we get to watch it through satellite. but we're super excited. 

i guess its kind of getting warmer here, there´s still lots of wind. 

i want to bear my testimony that i know that the atonement of Jesus Christ is real and it works. It can wipe us clean of any sin, guilt, regret, saddness or heart ache. we can be made clean, healed and brand new. It will hurt, but we can be perfected in the Lord Jesus Christ. we just have to be humble enough to let Him in. 

I hope everyone has a great week and remembers that we are all sons and daughters of loving heavenly Father. 

love, Hermana Williams

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