Saturday, November 29, 2014

Nov 17 - There can be miracles if you believe!

Hola Familia!

I think the greatest thing that happened this week was an absolute miracle from Heavenly Father. I mentioned last week about Araceli and Magaly. we invited araceli to pray about baptism, whether this was her time or not. a week passed and she never called us and we didnt talk to her. then this past tuesday we were sitting in our casa planning for tomorrow when suddenly we got a call. we picked up and it was araceli. She said to us "Hermanas, I prayed and I got my answer..... I want to be baptized" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! our jaws his the floor we were shock, we could not believe it!!!! she even already cleared it with her parents and her friends. Magaly is okay with her decision but her dad is a little uneasy, but hes still letting her do it. we met with her the next day and set up all the details. shes going to be baptized the 29th of November!!! we're so excited. and we're going shopping with her today to buy a skirt to wear to her baptism. 

it really was a miracle. Hna Baker and I did nothing. Heavenly Father really does answer prayers. 

Nibaldo's baptism got moved to the 23rd of November. everythings okay, it was just a matter of scheduling. he had his interview yesterday and he passed! so its going to happen, hes super excited and counting down the days. he hosted his own family home evening in his house last night and invited all the young single adults in the ward. he's doing really well and we're almost done teaching him all the lessons. but we did have a little bit of a scare. aparently a lot of people have been asking if he's already a member of the church because he's so receptive and learned everything so fast and aparently when some people asked him he said yes he is a member. we were thinking he said yes because he doesnt know what it means to be a member when people ask this. we looked up his name in the church records and it says hes not a member so we're good! there wil be a baptism this sunday!

Victor and Blanca are doing well. Victor told us he wants to get baptized but not yet and blanca is still working on getting there. we have a problem of when we stop by to teach them they just end up feeding us and talking for too long. we're going to try going into their house and starting to teach immediately before they can bring out food for us haha. and yes dad, victor takes lots of pictures. and we havent taught him all the lessons yet so that might explain his facebook haha. 
we´re crossing our fingers and praying extra hard that they can decide to be baptized while Hermana Baker is still here in punta arenas. 

we had the devotional with Elder Nelson it was amazing! i loved it! we watched it through skype. sister Nelson spoke and i really loved her talk, she spoke about if we're using our time wisely so we dont have regrets after the mission. elder Nelson talked about lots of stuff, specifically d&c 31

thank you so much to the ekstroms! i loved the little packages, hna baker was super grateful she got one too. she gave us each two pairs of tights and new warm socks which was exactly what we needed. plus some candy and chocolate and some mangoes! thank you thank you thank you. 

we had an activity in another capilla called puertas abiertas. it was a tour of the church open to the public. hna baker and i explained the sacrament, it was really cool and a great idea. not a ton of people came but enough that we felt good about it. victor and blanca came and of course victor took pictures. 

went to a baptism with araceli, it was her first time seeing one and she cried several times. so sweet, shes an angel.-  the missionaries that were there ended up singing a last minute musical number. i sang the first verse of come follow me as a solo and the rest joined in on the other verses. it was fun. 

yesterday was suuuuuuuuppper windy. the windiest ive ever experienced. we had to hike up that big long hill again for our almuerzo and we had to walk about an hour to another capilla to have church. our chapel is closed for renovations. we got lost and it was raining and windy so we said a prayer that a member would drive by and offer us a ride. five minutes later an hermana in our ward pulled up next to us and told us to hop in. Heavenly Father answers prayers!

only araceli came to church. it was a little disappointing not to see nibaldo or victor or blanca. 

we walked a lot yesterday. so windy. but we had fun with it, we took videos of our hair flying everywhere. my name tag kept flying up and hitting me in the face and at one point it fell off and blew away. we looked and looked. i found the actual nametage but the clip disappeared. 

I love being a missionary. at times i just get filled with an overflowing love for the scriptures and for this gospel. it truly is a gift.  I know God loves us and that her answers prayers and miracles happen everyday. We just need to trust in Him with all our heart, might, mind and strength. 

love you all, have a great week!
love, Hermana Williams

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