Saturday, November 29, 2014

Nov 13 - Happy Dia de los muertos y dia de los santos

Hola familia!

this week was pretty chill, not a lot happened. halloween was the most exciting part. people celebrate halloween down here with trick or treating but its actually new, it spread from the US to santiago and down from there only like 10 or 20 years ago. there are a lot of people who still remember not trick or treating. because halloween is a two day holiday here. dia de los muertos y dia de los santos. friday or the 31st is dia de los santos and people honor the saints of the catholic church and then saturday is dia de los muertos where people flock to cemetaries to put flowers on the graves of their ancestors. there are a lot of people who dont celebrate halloween because they think the 31st should be given more respect. 

it was still really fun to see all the little kids running through the streets trick or treating. because costumes are expensive a lot of people just wore scary masks or fake blood or facepaint. even little kids. 

hermana baker and i dressed up like each other! we switched clothes, shoes, watches, jackets, backpacks and nametags. i even wore her glasses around. there were some people who didnt notice or get it and just asked me if i got new glasses or something haha. it was super fun so go visit and show people. 

saturday we got together with the rest of the missionaries in punta arenas and went to the cemetary. okay downtown punta arenas has one of the biggest most beautiful cemetaries ever, i think its one of the biggest ones in chile, its really famous. its fantastic, reminded me of france a lot. we all went and sang hymns and passed our cards and plan of salvation pamphlets. it was super fun, and a really great experience. they served us empanadas afterwards too :)
we´re still teaching Nibaldo, he´s doing really well. he´s really excited for his baptism and he told her parents about his baptism too, their members and their super excited for him. we got together with him today to have lunch. he took us to this little hole in the wall diner in centro thats like a tradition in punta arenas. we ate chorripan which is bread, carne, queso and mayo. and we drank banana milk. it was super authentic chilean and super delicious. Nibaldo is studying tourism so he showed us around the plaza here in centro a little bit and treated us like a tour group haha. 
we finally got  to meet his grandma and some of his cousins! we´re trying to teach them now... its a slow process because his grandma is still very much in mourning from his grandpa passing away and she isnt willing to listen right now. 

im so glad you got to see the videos and the photos! Victor and Blanca are the best! they always want us to visit them like everyday. we have a family home evening planned with them tonight. 

mom, the time is still the same here in chile as far as i know haha. and i asked around and i cant recieve mail straight to pĂșnta arenas, we dont have a mailing address here. it has to go through the mission home. im excited to recieve the package though, im glad it at least got to the mission home. 

it snowed this past wednesday and today its super sunny and warm... oh punta arenas haha. i love it here though.

the spanish is still kind of hard. sometimes i think i can understand people and then i we meet someone new and i think nope nevermind. slowly but surely. i have three weeks left in my training and that thought kind of scares me. that one day i wont be with hermana Baker and i´ll have to speak spanish without her help. im just going to pray a lot for the next three weeks. 

hermana baker and i have been practicing savior redeemer of my soul. we´re gonna try to convice nibaldo to let us sing it at his baptism haha. it feels good to sing it again. 

i was reading the scriptures the other day in 2nephi 9 and i just was filled with the thought that this gospel really is a gospel of happiness. the plan that Heavenly Father has for us is so wonderful and merciful and reason enough to be happy all the time. we are so blessed to have the scriptures and the prophets to help show us the way. these things are evidence that God is our loving Heavenly Father, he cares about us and he has given us help and the example of His Son Jesus Christ so we can return back to him one day. i know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. I know that through the gospel of Jesus Christ we can be happy in the life and the life to come. 

thanks for all the love and support, have a great week!

love, Hermana Williams

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