Wednesday, August 26, 2015

August 24, 2015 - Waiting...

Hola familia y amigos! 

The weeks are going by so fast. it scares me. I think I have said that in every single email I have sent on my mission, but its true. 

Well, the report on my knee: this week we could go out and work! yay, not like normal 6 or 7 hour days but we could still work. We did have a lot of complications though. I think our house is cursed because all 4 of us are dying from some kind of sickness or accident or something. On Monday- Tuesday I was still pretty sick and it was awful and we couldn't go out to work that much, especially because people were like "you`re sick, don't come near my house and my children" haha. 

Then on Thursday I got hit with the worst headache of my entire life. It was worse than the migraine I had a couple weeks ago. I cried because it hurt so bad. but I took plenty of pain meds and slept it off. I still don't know where it came from but it hasn't come back. 

Then on Saturday Hna B fell down the stairs.... I know, so not like her, but she fell pretty bad. It's a serious problem in our house. Right before we moved in the Elders waxed all the wood floors and wood stairs but they didn't finish sealing it or something so everything is really slippery. The stairs are a death trap. Hna Bn has already fallen 2 times. but hna B fell and now has a huge bruise the size of a baseball on her hip, more bruises on her back and shoulders, her elbows were red and swollen and she thinks she bruised a rib..... but she`s basically okay! She`s tough. but yeah, that night her whole body hurt and the next day she suffered a bit, but now it`s better. 

Other than that we`re doing just fine here! Please dont freak out haha. This week we were able to teach a couple menos activos and a member called us on Wednesday and was like "I have a friend who wants the missionary discussions, will you come visit her with me tonight? I can pick you up"It was a miracle! So we had a lesson with member and a new investigator. This woman has gone through a lot of trials in her life and it was a very spiritual lesson, She is prepared to receive the gospel but still very hesitant to open up and trust us. It was one of those lessons were I really felt, yeah, this is why I'm here in Chile, in Puerto Varas, at this time. She`s great, lets just call her M.L. for now. 

Saturday we went to the adult session of our Stake Conference! It was great. I also got to see Hna C!!! She`s serving in Puerto Montt (we`re in Puerto Varas but our Stake is Puerto Montt) it was awesome to see her. She finally was transferred out of Valdivia, she was there for 10 months. 

Sunday we had Stake Conference and it was packed. Presidente Obeso and Hna obeso spoke and gave great talks.  The rest of conference was very uplifting. I came with a lot of questions and I got a lot of answers. 

After stake conference I met with Presidente Obeso and we talked about my knee and about having me see a real doctor to figure out whats happening and then we`ll take it from there. 

I was feeling very much frustrated with my body and disappointed with everything that he gave me a blessing and promised that everything was going to be okay. 

So now its just kind of wait and see what happens, and try not to make my knee worse. I want to just get up and go and work and ignore my knee and just endure the pain but that`s not going to make anything better. But we really are doing better and working and walking more. It's better now than it was three weeks ago. 

Well thats basically all I have to say for this week, not that much happened. I still really like being a missionary! 'Im so grateful to be here and to be a representative of Jesus Christ. I know that He lives and I know that God is our loving Heavenly Father. 

love, Hermana Williams

sorry I don't have photos! my computer doesn't have a usb drive!

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  1. Hermana Williams, You are being blessed for your diligence and sincere desire to serve. I'm sorry you've had the knee adversity and sickness to work through and overcome but you are stronger for it. May the Lord continue to bless and keep you! Love, Aunt Chris