Tuesday, August 4, 2015

August 3, 2015- Long Suffering

Hola familia y amigos!

Well first, thank you very much for all the one year congratulations. it was a pretty good ¨birthday". 

But this week was a little interesting.... 

On monday we had a lesson with our investigator P who had a baptismal date for this past Saturday, August 1. We came to her house with a member to help finish up teaching the rest of the lessons, but before we even started P told us that she didn't want to get baptized this Saturday .She wants to wait a long time. I was honestly shocked. It came out of nowhere, Just 24 hours before she was super excited for her baptism. She explained to us a little why she wanted to wait, and we tried to help her see why she can still get baptized on Saturday but she put her foot down, she was actually a little defensive with us.... which isn't like her at all. 

So we left that lesson a little discouraged, she still said she would meet with us, and we put her on date for 29 de august but she didn't seem very excited or determined.... so we were a little sad that everything fell through. 

 Before we left for that lesson I had a bad headache, but when we walked out it started hurting more. and it turned into a migraine and light and sound hurt and i couldn't keep my eyes open or walk in a straight line....  Hna  B took me home so I could lie down in a very dark room. It was very painful. 
so I was out on Monday, and still on Tuesday we left to work but my head still hurt and my body was so tired, like shaking, that towards the end of the day we went home to sleep. 

 Wednesday we left to work like normal! And it was great! But then my right knee started hurting....  I couldn't even stand or put weight on it.  We came home and I rested and we called the mission nurse. She assigned me some medication to take, and 2 days of rest where I would have to stay inside all day. 
Hope your knee feels better soon Hermana Williams!

The next day, Thursday we had zone conference! and I wasn't going to miss that! Zone conference was awesome! President always knows exactly what to say. Plus it was my 1 year mark in the Mission! And there was actually a big group of us with one year so we took a big photo together. And then right when we finished taking the picture our zone leader Elder G pulled out all of our CARTA MORONIS!!!! I died. The Carta Moroni is a letter the Mission gives you when you only have 6 months left on your mission and it has all your travel information for when you go home. It means that I am dying (ending the mission soon) . I was shocked, they usually don't send the letter so fast, like a couple weeks after your 1 year mark. I wasn't expecting to get it so soon .I almost cried.

Hermana Williams holding her Carta Moroni.

We came home from the conference and I died on the couch because my knee hurt so bad. So we didn't really do anything special for my 1 year mark, Getting my Carta Moroni was enough of a celebration. (not really, I felt sad)

Friday,I stayed in the house and we studied a lot. my knee was pretty bad on Friday,  Hna B has been helping to take care of it. She did a lot of sports training in high school and so knows really well how to deal with stuff like this. She makes sure I ice it a lot. and she keeps me from trying to walk or do things I shouldn't be doing. She brought an extra mattress downstairs for me so I can hang out there instead of our tiny sofa.  Friday an hermano from the ward came over and gave me a blessing, First blessing in Spanish, it was pretty cool. 

Saturday an hermana took me to a chiropractor that she works for to take a look at my knee and back and everything. First time to a chiropractor! it was interesting, he cracked my neck and that was it.... so my knee is the same. 

Sunday we went to church! and I made it to the end of Sacrament Meeting but then we went home because my knee was killing me and super swollen. it hurts even to just sit for a long time. the members have been really nice to us, bringing us food, driving us places, etc. so I'm being taken care of. 

My knee is a lot better today, and the nurse said that I might be able to leave to work tomorrow. I just need to pray really hard. its been a long week. I've had to learn to be patient with everything. in my head its like "its not that bad, don't be a baby, you can still walk on it, go out and work!" But everyone else is like, no! So I've had to let Hna B help me a lot, do a lot of things for me. I've realized this week that I am very stubborn. I dont like being a burden for other people. I want to help other people! but Hna  B is very wise and told me that " sometimes the best way to serve others is to let them serve you... sometimes letting them serve you is how they can come closer to Jesus Christ" she is very smart, she only needs me for my Spanish :)

So this week was all about patience with myself, with my body, with the situation. but everything is okay. It's just a bump in the road. I feel bad that we are not working but its not a matter of obedience or desire so I know that Heavenly Father understands and I have faith that everything will turn out okay. So dont worry :) 

thanks for all the emails! 

love, hermana williams

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  1. Mi niña,he leido con mucha atenciòn lo que le ha sucedido esta semana recièn pasada.
    Me es muy preocupante lo que le esta pasando con su espalda y con su rodilla,recuerde que yo tambien sufro de mi espalda y se lo que duele y lo molestoso que es cuando uno no puede hacer lo que uno quiere hacer.
    Mi niña,yo se que mi Dios que es màs Dios suyo que mio la va a cuidar y la va a proteger y va a ser que se mejore lo màs rapido posible para que asi siga realizando y cumpliendo con su misiòn,que con tanto amor ejecuta.
    Mi niña,para el dolor de cabeza tiene que andar siempre con un gorrito,porque puede que este experimentando alguna cinucitis `por las heladas sufridas aquì en Punta Arenas,por lo tanto siempre cubrace la cabecita.
    En la rodilla siempre ande con una venda bien apretadita para que no se le enfrie y sufra dolores.
    Cuidese mucho Hermanita.
    Recuerde que la queremos mucho.