Saturday, April 25, 2015

April 6, 2015- General Conference is the BEST!

i dont think there is anything worse than when a missionary sits down at a computer in pday to write the family and the keyboard is sticky and doesnt work... and you realize that this is going to be a long hour....
so if there are random words grouped together its because the space key on my keyboard is sticky and i lack the patience to erase and try again. forgive me haha.
this week was really good and went by really fast. i guess i should start out with telling you what you`ve all been waiting for, transfers......... hna conde and i are staying together in the same sector for another transfer. and the other hermanas hna alonso and hna chura are staying too, so nothing is changing in the ward Miraflores.
we had to drop some people from our teaching pool this week but we also found some new people and some great families so we are excited and we want to find more.
the family here in the ward that is from california invited us over for dinner and a noche de hogar on tuesday but it turned into a trying to get the three kids into bed because we ate dinner late and it was past their bedtime. it was crazy. we didnt get to share anything spiritual with them but it was still fun. lots of spanglish.hna conde was stressed out haha.
i discovered this week that chile does not celebrate april fools day. they dont even know what it is. so that was boring.
the rain has come to valdivia! it was pouring on and off all week. right now its sunny but you never know what will happen next. im enjoying the cooler weather.
we didnt do anything special for easter. there were a couple members that gave us chocolate and candy.
General conference was the best! i dont know why, but its ten times better as a missionary. there was a room set up to watch in english and that was wonderful. i loved the focus on the family and the pla nof salvation. i loved elder holland's talk too and i loved elder bednars. there were a lot of questions and prayers answered and it was glorious.  

during conference i got the overwhelming feeling of gratitude for my mission. i feel so blessed for everything i have experienced here in chile. all the people i`ve met, the things i`ve done, the miracles i`ve seen. the good and the bad. the tears of pain and the tears of joy. it has all been worth it and i am so grateful. Heavenly Father has already given me a better life than anything i could have ever imagined.
I know that Jesus Christ is the savior of the world and that his atonement and his resurrection are real and available to all. I know that he leads His church through a living prophet and apostles. i know that families can be together forever. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints really is the church of Jesus Christ on the earth.
love, Hermana Williams

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