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March 9, 2015- A little roasty toasty and lots of miracles

hola familia y amigos,

its been so hot that a volcano erupted! okay not really, but for real, the volcano in Pulcon erupted and its been spilling lava this whole week, thats the big news here. I think they are evacuating only people who live close to the volcano and the missionaries in pulcon. we are super far away so we`re safe. 

the weather was super weird here though, its been ridiculously hot and then on saturday it poured down rain all day and it was beautiful. i had to pull out my rain boots and rain jacket again. and then i stepped and dog poop and it really did feel like punta arenas again haha. 

we had a lot of members come with us to lessons this week which was a miracle because these past couple of weeks we´ve had zero. our sector is the outskirts of the ward boundaries and super far away for people to walk or take taxi so its hard to get members to come with us. but this week was a whole lot better. 

we had intercambios and i was with hna Pettitte in my sector and it was crazy leading a new sector but we had fun and found lots of new people. 

we taught J. and it was disappointing. we were able to teach him between 7 and 7:45pm before closing his shop and when there are no customers and we talked about every topic possible, priesthood, baptism, book of mormon, joseph smith, plan of salvation, everything. eventually we asked him to pray right then and there to know if the things we taught him were true and we got down on our knees to pray and we stayed there for like 20 minutes because he refused to pray. he was way too embarrassed, he didnt want to kneel, or say a prayer in front of us, he wanted to close the doors and windows to his shop so no one would see him because he was so embarrassed. we kneeled and waited for him but he just kept saying no... we testified, we felt the spirit, we prayed for him, but he wouldnt do it. 
it was rough... he says he knows he needs to pray and read but he just wont do it. maybe this isnt his time, even if we want it to be. but he is just not progressing and we dont know what else to do. 

after teaching J we had a lesson with our recent convert D and that helped us feel better because D is perfect. he reads his book of mormon and prays everyday, he`s even started sharing the gospel with his friends in the university and wants to invite a friend to a lesson with us. we`re teaching him about family history and hes 100% on board and he already wants to serve a mission and hes perfect. we are very grateful for daniel. 

we had another miracle this week. we left to work in the morning on saturday and saturday mornings are rough. but we went to visit a new contact and we saw a girl hauling chopped firewood from the street to the back of her house. here in valdivia everyone uses wood burning stoves to heat their houses and now that we`re approaching winter lots of houses have huge piles of freshly chopped wood that they have to stack and store away behind their house. so we saw it as an opportunity to serve and we immediately started helping her carry wood and started talking. she was a little hesitante at first but let us help when she realized we werent going to take no for an answer. then three other people came out from the house to help. they are all around the age of 20, 2 boys and 2 girls, three are siblings and the other boy is the boyfriend of one of the girls. they were super nice and we helped them out for over an hour and afterwards they invited us inside for soda but we were already late for our lunch with members so we had to leave. but we are gonna come back and visit them this week. it was awesome! i have a super strong testimony of service now!

we were finally able to contact our old investigator C and her friend P that we only taught once! and they came to church on sunday! it was a miracle and now we have a lesson planned on wednesday for P!

I also played the piano again, i was able to practice a couple times this week so it went better than the week before. not perfect, but better. 

well thats all i really have for this week. the time goes by really fast. thanks for all the letters and love and support. have a great week!

love, hermana Williams

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