Saturday, April 25, 2015

March 2, 2015 The Plague Part III!

Im serious, it struck again. I woke up early saturday morning with a terrible stomach ache and the runs. i was in the bathroom and in bed all day and felt awful and ate nothing. i was better by sunday though. I dont know what it was i ate... we did have completos... i think they betrayed me. 

The weeks are flying by so fast! On Monday after pday we went and had a noche de hogar with an Investigator, I and we made peruvian food with her and her granddaughter. Hna Conde made Sopa Seca and papas with huacaìna. super rico! sopa seca is a deilcious pasta. Hna Conde has been teaching my about peruvian culture a lot, which is a lot of fun. she teaches me their slang, like instead of "tranquilo amigo"  its "suave causa!" its super fun. 

we had cambios this week, hna maready from our ward left and hna Chura came. Hna Chura is from Peru and actually came from a different sector here in our zone. shes really sweet and gets along well with us. I am now the only gringa and its a little lonely sometimes haha, the other three like to talk about tv shows, music, celebrities, etc. from latin america and i have no idea whats going on so i usually just sit and listen or space out haha,
 Hna Snyder, a hermana in our zone and who was in the ccm with me was sent to punta arenas! so i sent my love with her to hermana Jenkins and V, B, and N.

Not sure if i already told you, but we`re teaching an old man named J.who likes to listen to us just to learn more about other religions. hes really sweet but very stubborn in his beliefs haha. he told us he doesnt want to read the book of mormon because hes afraid he`ll start doubting his own religion. which means he realizes that its probably true haha! we`re gonna work with him but he has a lot of potential. 

Things with J. have slowed to a stop. we`ve decided to put him on the back burner for now because he`s really not progressing. for the past month we`ve come into the shop almost everyday and explained and read the book of mormon with him but he still doesnt read or pray or do anything. whenever we try to commit him to something he says he`ll try but he wont commit to anything. he`s not willing to make changes in his life, and we`ve invited him 100 times, we`re given him his opportunity and now we just kind of have to take a step back and see how he uses his agency. he needs a lot of prayers still. 

as mom and dad already know, the new gringa family took all four of us missionaries out to dinner! to a really nice chilean restaurant. we didnt know how nice it was until we got there and we felt kind of bad but they told us that they are both ( hno y hna) converts to the church, and they want to thank us for our service as missionaries because without the missionaries they wouldnt´have their forever family. it was so sweet! and there family is the cutest! there was a lot of spanglish, it hurt my brain but it was really fun. Hno B is an artist who paints landscapes  and hna B does theater set designs. 

we are continuing to visit R, he`s doing fine, still doesnt feel ready to come back to church. but the other day we shared the "Because of Him mormon" message video and some verses from alma 32 about growing our seed of faith. but he has become our best friend and always wants to give us food.

Hna Conde and I have developed obsessions with the Book or Mormon  recently. all we want to do is read the book of mormon. im in Alma 52. Alma the younger is my favorite person in the book of mormon. we`ve started looking up "palos" or scriptures that make us want to work harder. like alma 5 haha. 

on friday we had our normal noche de hogar and hna V and I did a special musical number and sang abide with me tis eventide, it went well. we had plans to bring our investigator M to the noche de hogar and we took a taxi to pick her up, but when we got to her house she wasnt home and she wasnt answering her cell phone, we called her mom but she didnt know where she was either. we were worried about her and 
we havent been able to contact her since. 

saturday night was a huge city wide event ¨"Noche Validiviana" to celebrate valdivia and the end of summer. the streets and costanera were packed with people, street venders and people cooking asado bbq. there were tons of boats on the  water all lit up and at 11pm there was a huge fireworks show. we couldnt attend, but on our way back to the house we walked through the festivities and watched the fireworks from our window. 
it really was the end of summer because yesterday and today its cloudy and today it rained. 

sunday i had to play the piano for sacrament meeting. hna maready always did it and now that shes gone its my new job, because im the only person in the ward who knows how to play piano now. yeah mom.... now i regret not practicing and dropping piano. you were right. im sorry, please forgive me... because sunday wasnt terrible but i definitely need to practice a lot more. it was rough. so i´ll be doing that every sunday until they transfer me or find someone who can actually play. 

i spent all or sunday translating for the gringa family. hno B just received a calling as young mens president and i had to translate his class for him. it was exhausting, but fun. 

i completed 7 months. i feel like i just completed 6 last week. 

hna Conde recieved her carta moroni. its the letter the mission office sends you when you only have 5 months left in the mission and it has all your travel `plans and information to go back home. it has a image of the angel moroni on the front thats why they call it carta moroni, its basically the dread of every missionary. we filmed her opening it. 

this week hna conde and i learned in alma 32 that even after we`ve experimented our faith and grown our seeds into huge fruit bearing trees we still have to remember to nourish what we have. because if we let our tree wither away, its even harder to grow it back because we expect it to be a huge tree again right away. this is why we have to always nourish our faith, strive to grow more and more. 

i know that this church is true, i know that with the help of the Lord i can do all things. 

thanks for all the letters and love, have a great week. 

love, hermana Williams

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