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March 23, 2015- Time Flies

Well the time really is flying by because i´ve already had to start in on my third journal of the mission, I´ve written every day so far and they all seem strung together. i feel like i still have only 4 or 5 months or something. but next week i´ll complete 8, crazy. this week was fast and busy. 

D gave his presentation in his law class on the church. he thought he only had 10 minutes but really he had 25, so he had to think stuff up on the spot but he said it went really well. the professor liked it a lot and said he would read the book of mormon. no references yet but maybe in the future. 

we took our new super bueno investigator P. we had a really good lesson with him, he was super receptive and said that he wanted to find out for himself first but he has desires to be baptized. he has some problems that we still need to help resolve first but hes on his way. 

we found another giant orange bug in our house! it was under my bed! i used the vacuum attachment to suck it up and dump it outside. there was still  a lot of screaming. and we filmed it again. 

the 17th was st patricks day, chile does not celebrate st patricks day or even knows what it is. i completely forgot, the other missionary, hna alonso had to remind and pinch me. 

this week was a milestone because it was the first time i had to hide food in my backpack during lunch. we had lunch for the first time with a little old lady in the ward and she cooked us sooooo much meat. and the meat wasnt that good and we were dying. so when she was in the kitchen we wrapped sausages and potatoes in napkins and hid them in our backpacks and fed them to a dog later. it was rough. but no harm done. 

a couple weeks ago we received a reference for an older sister.  Her husband passed away a couple months ago. we weren't able to contact her for the longest time because she was in the hospital but this week we found her. she was a little hesitant to let us in at first but we immediately started asking about her family because she had tons of photos on her walls and that got her talking. she told us about her husband and started crying, she said that she still misses him everyday and its painful for her. it was in that moment i realized that we were meant to be there to help her. we shared words of comfort and listened and prayed. we´re going to come back to visit her this week. 

we taught H i cant remember if i mentioned her... but we taught her more about the book of mormon and invited her to really read and pray to know if it was true. and she told us that she wanted to stick with her bible and that we could maybe pass by to see her next month but right now no, shes not interested. it was rough. 

we were finally able to contact M its been like a month almost. we finally found her in her house! we´re not sure if she is still interested. we invited her to the noche de hogar in friday but when we went to pick her up she wasn't home and didn't answer her cell phone... again. 

we visited J to see how he was doing. he doesn't hate us haha. we´re still friends. and we´re taking things slow to start teaching him again. but he said he would come to a ward activity next week so we´re making progress. 

we received a reference of a new part member family in the ward. the dad is member, the mom and 3 sons no. but they have a lot of potential and the mom wants to be baptized! a new family! we are so excited

miracles happened this week because our investigator I prayed out loud in front of us for the first time! she also came to the noche de hogar with her granddaughter, she had never been in the church before! it was great!

the noche de hogar (family home evening) this friday was a talent show that young men and young women put on. it went really well, there were tons of people. people sang, danced, did magic tricks, there was karaoke. i sang memory from cats (hna veronica picked it out for me) and even though it was in english people liked it. 
and R came with his kids! we didn't even have to call him. his kids are the ones who are starting to push him back to the church haha. 

on sunday i played the piano again... im improving. ive also started teaching primary now.... or rather im in primary to help the gringo kids translate and then i end up leading the music and then teaching and wrangling all the kids and its the YMCA all over again but in spanish.

that night we found a new family to teach and have three new investigators: J, M and X and it was a miracle! we were super excited. 

we have ward conference next week and we have lots of activities planned to get people pumped so we can have a higher attendance. im going to sing a special musical number with hermana veronica for the conference. 

thanks for all the emails! hna conde and i are doing really well and we're excited to work. the transfer ends in two weeks but we think we´re going to have another together. there is still a lot to do here. i Know that God answers prayers and miracles are real :)

love, Hermana Williams

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