Saturday, April 25, 2015

Feb 23, 2015 Six More Weeks

Hola familia y amigos!

I can hardly believe that this cambio is over, these have been the fastest 6 weeks of my life, i still feel like i just got here. we heard about cambios this morning, Hna Conde and I are staying here in valdivia for another transfer. we were pretty sure we were going to stay together. Hna Maready, the other missionary in our ward is leaving though and her companion hna Alonso is going to stay and be paired with Hna Chura from España. so im going to be the only gringa here! its a big responsibility. 

Hermana Conde and I are excited and happy to have another cambio together. she`s become my best friend. 

this week nothing that big or exciting happened but it was a good week. The first miracle is that no one got sick yay! we were actually able to work normally. 

J is progressing like turtle in molasses... but we're visiting with him pratically every day. he has a hard time remembering or just putting in the effort to do the commitments we leave with him, like praying or reading the book of mormon. he came to church one time with us and the teacher of gospel principles asked him to give the closing prayer and he freaked out because he wasnt comfortable doing it. the teacher told him to have the missionaries teach him to pray and the next week he can give the prayer in class. This freaked him out even more, he told us that he does not want to participate in the church, he just wants to sit in the last row and be invisible. so now he doesnt want to come to church on sunday or any activities because he`s afraid. its been rough. he needs a lot of prayers. 

R the menos activo from the laundry mat is doing great. still doesnt want to come to church but has expressed to us that he has desires he just has to get over his pride and fears. he did give us a reference and he wants his kids to go to church. he's super sweet, he wants to take us out to lunch because he`s so grateful for us always inviting him. he needs a lot of prayers too. 

we were finally able to contact A, the almost snake that came to church with us a couple weeks ago and he came to our ward noche de hogar. im about 90% sure he is a snake,. all he wants to do is talk to me and its creepy. but we also think he has real desires to learn more about the church. so we're going to procede with caution. we had a lesson planned with him but he stood us up and didnt answer his phone. vamos a ver. 

Saturday we had to clean the capilla, that was fun and took us forever. its a big capilla, okay not that big but when you have to mop and all the floor is tile its hard haha. 

yesterday was super awesome because we were able to contact two nuevo investigadores and teach them! 
a couple weeks ago we recieved a reference named M and we found out her mom is miembro less active. we were able to contact M but never actually time to teach her or anything. but yesterday we were finally able to find her and she let us in and we taught her the restoration. shes about 17 years old and we werent able to find her for a long time because she was in the hospital.

we were able to find A, a reference some elders gave us. we taught her once and then she said she would be gone on vacations until march. we passed by her house last night and she was home! it was a miracle! we were able to teach her more about the book of mormon and we read the introduction. and her little daughter was sleeping so there werent as many distractions. it was great. she said that she really does want to know if the book of mormon is true. 

yesterday at 9am the bishop called me and asked if i could give a talk in church that day. it was me and one other speaker. i basically taught the restoration and the book or mormon and bore my testimony of everything. it went okay. 

i translated for the gringo family again in primary. primary is chaotic here. theres only 6 kids in primary but they`re in charge.... it was rough. but it was fun translating english and spanish. the dad of the gringo family, who barely speaks spanish was called as young mens president. he needs your prayers haha. we're gonna try to visit them this week to help them with spanish. 

yeah i have to wrap this email up but i just want to say that I know this Church is true. that Heavenly Father listens to and answers prayers, Im so grateful to be a missionary. 

hope everyone has a great week!

love, Hermana Williams

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