Saturday, April 25, 2015

March 16, 2015- The Dark Side

hola familia y amigos!

This week went so fast, i cant believe we`re already half way though march! 

On monday there was a group activity for all the hermanas here in Validivia and we played volleyball, but then hermana Alonso hit the ball over the fence into someones yard so volleyball ended... but we did zumba! there's an hermana here who is trained to instruct zumba and she had some songs and it was awesome. i want to be zumba instructor when i grow up! haha. 

tuesday we taught J, the older man who likes to talk a lot. we taught him the plan of salvation and he said that it makes sense and he didn't disagree with anything. but he refuses to read the book of mormon and pray about the things we taught him. we took a leap of faith when the spirit was strong and invited him to be baptized... and he said absolutely not. he doesnt want to change religions, he doesn't even want to pray and ask God if the church is true because he doesn't want to change his mind. he told us that changing his religion, catholic, would be like denying and changing his own mother. 

we actually had a lot of people tell us that this week. we invited another older lady, H to be baptized and she said the exact same thing. and then we invited A and she said no too, for the same reason. we`re still going to be teaching them but as of right now we don't have anyone who is ready to get baptized. 

we had interviews with president Obeso on wednesday. he interviewed us first as companionship and reviewed our area book, which is unusual and then he interviewed us individually. it was a really spiritual experience for me, i now have a really strong testimony that mission presidents are called of God and that they receive direct revelation for each missionary. 

we woke up on thursday and realized our electricity had been cut. so we did everything in darkness. we spent all day thursday and friday trying to figure it all out. and had to come home thursday night to complete darkness. turns out the company we rent our cabaña from mixed up the codes and we`ve been paying forth other cabañas electricity and we had 6 months worth of fines o pay, thats why they cut our lights. so we paid and got it all figured out and there was light once againl. 

saturday our ward had a ward council training to help get us animated to go visit and rescue less active members and our goal is to get them to assist ward conference. we had a huge lunch together then training and presentations and i sang a hymn at the end to get everyone pumped to go out and visit menos activos. 

we also got together with our investigator I and she taught us how to make sopaipillas which is kind of like fry bread but better and its really typical to eat here for onse.
Saturday we didn't have any investigators come to church but we did have a miracle happen.........R came to church!!
R from the lavanderia and his three children showed up about 15 minutes late but they made it and and it was beautiful and i almost cried and we took a photo! it was amazing, there were some old friends of his in the ward that were crying for joy too. 

D was asked by on of his professors in the university to give a ten minute lesson on the mormon religion so we prepped him for that and gave him a whole bunch o materials to use and pass out. hes basically going to contact 40 people, we`re hoping he'll get some references for us haha. 

things this week were good, we had a lot of plans and lessons fall through and a lot of people tell us no. but we`re continuing with faith. we had a lot of fun this week together. 

 thanks for all the letters and love and support. I love my mission and im so grateful for this experience. i know that the church is true. 

have a great week! i love you!

love, hermana Williams

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