Saturday, April 25, 2015

Feb 9, 2015- The Plague Part II


This week we werent able to work very much because we were hit by the black plague. Monday was rough, like i already explained. I will never eat Pichanga ever again. (pichanga is french fries, meat, tomatoes, avacado, cheese and other vegetables all mixed together with oil) It was like my first episode with the plague in the ccm all over again. i spent the whole day just trying not to puke, so we didnt go out to work monday night. 

Tuesday the pichanga released its wrath on hermana Conde and she was in bed sick for most of the day. so i hung out and read the book of mormon. im trying to read it all in spanish and im in alma 17 now. the other hermanas in our ward, hna Alonso and hna Maready got sick too from the pichanga. 

wednesday i woke up with a sore throat and stuffy nose. i tried to work like normal but while we were teaching J. I was literally falling asleep and i lost my ability to speak and translate spanish because my brain felt so fuzzy. so we went home and i slept for the rest of the day. 

Thursday we worked normal! yay! we had a puertas abiertas activity in another ward and we got all the missionaries together to go contact and invite people to come. we walked alot and talked to a ton of people, there was a competition of who could get the most referencias and we tied with the other hermanas in our ward and our leaders de distrito. we won chocolate!

we ate pasta like five times for lunch this week. it was rough... people love past here. 

friday i think i relapsed in my sickness because i felt more miserable than i did on wednesday. so i slept basically all day. i didnt think i could sleep so much. 

this sunday J. came to church! he wasnt able to stay for the third hour but he still came! and we think he liked it! all the members were super nice and talked with him. 
we also had another investigator come, A. we left our house to work on saturday and this guy in a pick up truck pulled up and stopped and asked if we were mormons, he then asked us for one of our pamphlets. he said he has shared with elders before and he wants to learn more. we invited him to church and he said he could probably come and then drove away. and then he actually come to church! he only stayed for sacrament meeting. we dont know much about him... we think he might just be a snake... but i have faith!

D. received the priesthood yesterday! and he got to bless the sacrament for someone that was sick! it was so awesome! seeing young men recieve the priesthood is the best feeling ever!!!! 

we were working last night with nothing to do and we found a cat that looked like it was about to fall over and die. it was just skin and bone and covered with flees and couldn t make a sound. so we ran back to the house and brought it milk to drink. there wasnt much else we could do, hopefully it survived the night. but that was our service project this week. 

yesterday we got to the church and i looked down andi realized i was wearing one brown shoe and one black shoe..... i knew deep in my heart that one day this would happen. it was only a matter of time. and it had to be on sunday, in th church, when we had two investigators. haha, there were a couple of members who got a real good laugh but nobody really noticed haha. i spent the whole meeting trying to tuck my feet under my chair so people wouldnt see haha. 
so no mom, i didnt have switched shoes in the baptism but yesterday yes.  

there are only two weeks left in the transfer and i still dont feel used to valdivia yet. There are a lot of opportunities to grow here. This week was hard because i was sick and i felt like i wasnt doing anything with my life. But i know that Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers. because this week i had a prayer answered. sometimes he wont answer right away and sometimes we have to keep asking but he will always help us. we are his children and he loves us. I know that this gospel is true. i really am thankful for my mission. 
thank you for all the love and support, have a great week!

love, Hermana Williams

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