Wednesday, July 8, 2015

April 27, 2015 - Nine Months and I'm Still Alive

I think every person that emailed me this week heard about the volcano and asked if i was still alive. Just so you all know... I am alive. and I am very safe. we're not close enough to be affected. only that there is a little haze of ash in the sky but its not that bad. there are other places close by where ash is falling like snow. as far as i know all the missionaries around the volcano are okay and they are staying put so they can help out. but life here in valdivia is continuing like normal.

I am going to complete nine months in the mission this week! so crazy, im halfway done. time is flying by very fast. 

On Monday we had a family home evening with an hermana in the ward and we thought it was just going to be her but she ended up inviting her 4 pensionistas (teenagers that live in her house and are going to college) and two members so it was a big party haha and we got to teach 4 new people. we were pretty excited. 

we found a menos activa member in our sector that we didnt know existed. thats the thing about chile, you can knock a door and they turn out to be a member less active. her name is D. and she owns a panaderia, bakery and so we did service and helped her bake bread and we're starting the process of inviting her to church and teaching the lessons. she hasnt shown a lot of desire to come back to church but she has potential!

we had a couple lessons with members which is really hard to have in our sector and they went really well. especially with I. I. has a baptism date set but still is hesitante. we brought S, a RM and he explained things really well, it was great. I. needs a lot of prayers because she still feels a lot of fear and embarrassment about getting baptized and making a mistake. she still hasnt received an answer and she has a bit of flojera to come to church. we have faith and we're hoping she can do her part and get an answer to her prayers. 

This weekend was stake conference and it was the best! on saturday was the adult session and they talked about how to improve ward council and also our mission president presidente Obeso and his wife spoke and the temple president from santiago spoke. and they're from vancouver washington! it was awesome and super spiritual. sunday the stake center was packed and we had our investigators, the familia valdivia and a menos activa hna X come. hna X hasnt come to church in the whole time that ive been here so its a big deal. i sang in the stake choir and it went great. only that in the last song when i sang a solo and a duet with another hermana that microphone stopped working so i had to belt it and still barely anyone heard us... but its okay. in the evening the temple president gave a devotional on temple covenants. i miss the temple a lot, i want to go back! 

today we went with Hno Rodrigo and margareth and the other hermanas to the beach! we had a picnic and took pictures and skipped rocks and it was super fun. i think it has been my favorite pday so far. i love them all so much. they are my best friends. 

I cant believe Im halfway through my mission either. it has gone by sooooo fast. i remember back in september when i first got here to chile and i thought april 30 was forever away. nope! Looking back, i am so grateful for everything. i am so happy i am here. a complete happiness that is greater than i ever felt before. I am beginning to see why they call it "the best two (one and half) years of my life" because these past 9 months have been the hardest, but they have been the best. my mission is the best choice i have ever made. and i am grateful. 

I am grateful to be a missionary for our Savior Jesus Christ. I love this gospel so much. I know that the church is true. I know that Heavenly Father loves me, because he sent me to the Chile Osorno Mission :) 

thanks for the emails. have a great week!

love, Hermana Williams

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