Wednesday, July 8, 2015

May 4, 2015 - Halfway There

Hola familia y amigos!
the time keeps going by faster.
first of all... HAPPY 1 YEAR TO SCOTTIE!!!!!!! I'm so excited for you. i cant believe we`re already half way through the best 2 (1 1/2) years of our lives!
The big news i have is that i completed 9 months in the mission on Thursday... and we did absolutely nothing to celebrate! we treated it like a normal day, only a couple members that congratulated me. I forgot for most of the day. but its weird to think that my mission is already more than halfway over.
I also finished reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish all the way through. I also finished Jesus The Christ by James E. Talmage (but in English) and I finished reading Doctrine and Covenants (half in English, half in Spanish) now its time to start the Bible!
hna conde and i have recently been dying from bug bites... we dont know where or how or when but they are attacking my feet, hands and chest. i have more than 30 total. they itch so bad. i feel like a leper.
well i know that everyone was super excited about the exploding volcano in Chile. the only affect it had on Valida is that they canceled school on Tuesday because of all the ash in the air. and our leaders told us to only leave our house if we have set appointments. they didn't want us to get respiratory problems. so we had a lazy day haha.
we`re teaching  a new investigator. her name is P. we`ve taught her 3 times and she`s progressing. she cant read because her eye sight is so bad so she cant really complete commitments to read the book of Mormon so we read a loud to her. we invited her to be baptized and she said not yet, she needs to know and feel more. but i have faith that she will change.
We got attacked a lot by dogs this week... and dont worry, we we`re really attacked. we have some investigators that never open the door for us but their crazy dog Luna always escapes and we found her twice this week roaming around the streets. we had to chase her down and carry her back to her house. she`s still a puppy so she always tries to bite our hands, legs, faces. shes crazy. there was also another dog, a lot bigger than followed home and kept biting our legs and i hurt! thy were only nips and there was no blood but we were scared haha. then today a stray dog kept chasing me specifically and biting my legs, he almost ripped my skirt. i had to run away from him and in the end we trapped him behind a gate and i sprinted far enough away that he couldnt find me.
it was an adventure.
sunday afternoon we did divisions or splits with two YSA girls Coni and Gisele and it was so much fun. It was like having a new companion. I was with Coni and shes the sweetest girl ever, she wants to serve a mission so it was fun to talk about what its like to be a missionary. we had three lessons with members in one day which is a big deal for our sector!
im really excited to skype on mothers day! i hope everything works out. hna conde and i are having a lot of fun here in valdivia. i dont want to leave :)
I feel so blessed to be here serving the Lord. Im not perfect and there is a lot of room to improve. but im thankful for every moment ive had here in Chile. i know that the church is true. that the book of Mormon changes lives and that this really is the work of the Lord.
thank you all so much for your love and support. happy mothers day!
love, hermana williams

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