Thursday, July 16, 2015

June 29, 2015 - Motherhood

hola familia y amigos,

This week went by real fast because it was the last of the transfer. 

I know you all want to know what the changes are so.... drum roll.....

I am being transferred to Puerto Varas and I'm going to be training a new missionary there and opening a new sector at the same time!!!!! Im super excited, I have always wanted to train. I'm nervous because opening a sector means starting from zero. I cant believe it. All I know is that my companion is from the United States.

Hna E is going to stay here with hermana C. and they re going to form a trio with another missionary here in Valdivia in the same sector. Theyre going to combine our sectors together. 

and hna S. goes home :) 

Crazy right!? I titled this email Motherhood because here in the mission the trainers are moms and their new missionaries are their daughters. 

I cant even think about what happened this week....I'm too excited. 
We were able to have more lessons with members, not tons but enough that I felt like we were back on our game. 

We had some really good lessons and found some really great people. 
We`re still teaching M, He`s progressing but not progressing at the same time because he still doesn't have a desire to get baptized. but we're going to see what happens. 

On friday our stake had a huge activity where we watched "Meet the Mormons". we invited tons of people and it was an awesome event. Lots of members came and brought their friends. the movie was the best. 

On Saturday the other hermanas, hna C and hna S had a baptism. Our first week of the cambio hna E and I found guy on the street who was a little drunk and he asked to come to church with us. He ended up living in the sector of the other hermanas and they`ve been teaching him this whole transfer and he got baptized on Saturday, it was awesome! And a great way for hna S. to end her mission. 

Sunday M. came to church and our converso D. came too! We had a lesson planned with him on Wednesday but it fell through, and it wasn't his fault.  He really has a lot of desire to come back to church. He`s the best and I'm so happy. 

It was a pretty normal week. We worked real hard. 

hna Espinoza wanted to clean again.... and she broke our full length mirror.... we took photos. 

Thank you for all the support and emails and i love you all so much. 
until next week!

love, hermana williams

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