Thursday, July 16, 2015

July 6, 2015- Motherhood Week 1

hola familia y amigos,

This week was absolutely crazy! I can't even put it all into words. First of all, I'm alive, I'm okay, I made it with my new companion to Puerto Varas. 

Monday and Tuesday was all packing, visiting, saying goodbye; very sad but all very exciting. I had to say goodbye to some really great families here. Tuesday was the hardest because I had to say goodbye to R, M and J.... it was like V and B all over again! haha. I never thought that i was going to miss Valdivia that much but when the time came and I had to say goodbye I realized that I love it here, and mainly because I love the people. R, M and J are my family ,I came to Valdivia for them. I know that Heavenly Father loves me because he keeps putting amazing wonderful people in my life. 

There were a lot of tears Tuesday night, even after we all said goodbye. Wednesday morning I was packing up the rest of my stuff when our zone leaders called and said i had to be in the bus terminal NOW instead of at 9am like they told me. There was a a confusion with the other leaders. but I was able to get to the terminal super fast and still say goodbye to hermana C, hna C, hna S and hna E. ahhhh hna E, I miss her so much. She was such a blessing in my life and I feel so grateful to her and for this transfer we had. 

I arrived in osorno at 11 am and guess who I saw at the terminal!? Lizzie Vance!!!! one of my roommates from byu, after 11 months we finally see each other here in the mission! That was a real tender mercy and it was great to see her. 

They took me to the church were all the new missionaries were meeting their trainers, and I got there right as the meeting was ending haha.  I met my new companion and hija! Hermana B.She is from Oregon! Shes super cute, super sweet, a farm girl, loves to work hard and serve others and her Spanish is really good, shes going to progress really fast. We fit really well together and we are having a lot of fun. She has a lot of excitement for the gospel and missionary work and she helps me to get excited too. 

We had to take another bus to Puerto Varas and the other hermanas there helped us get to our new house. We`re living in the small 2 floor house that 4 elders lived in before and they left it a wreck. It was so unbelievably messy, bags of trash, there is an old oven and fridge in our bedroom...... I have no idea. we have a wood burning stove, luckily hna B had one in her house too so she knows how to make fire. 

the first step was to look at the giant map of our giant sector, find our house and then go out to find the investigators. these past couple days have been a little stressful. i honestly didnt know what i was doing. but we called our district leader who was in our sector before a lot and he helped us out. the members here are really loving and helpful and they are really excited that there are hermanas in their ward again, i have never felt so much love from a ward i just met. im super excited. 

This week we've finally got our footing and we can really start digging in and working and finding and training. My companion is honestly the best and very patient with me. We have some great people that we are already working with. 

The big deal this week was that Chile won the Copa America, a big soccer tournament for Latin America. they won and it was a huge event, there were people partying all night so it felt just like the 4th of July haha. grown men cried they were so happy. Haha

Our sector here is beautiful! We can see the volcano everyday and the big red and white Catholic church that you see in all the photos, yeah thats in our sector!  I like it here a lot. 

Sometimes hna B is more of the mom than I am. she's very protective of me when there are mean dogs or we`re crossing the street or i might trip and fall ( I always trip and fall) it's  funny. 

i dont have much more time to write. but you should all know that I'm safe and happy. i miss everyone in valdivia but i really do like it here. ;) I know that the Lord is really helping us out because i cant do this on my own. but as of right now, we`re doing just fine. 

love, hermana williams

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