Wednesday, July 8, 2015

May 11, 2015 - Long Time No See

Wow Sunday was so much fun to see everyone, i loved it. it was hard to hang up. Im so glad that we were all able to see or at least hear each other.
Well i dont really have that much to write because I just saw my family yesterday and this week went by so fast that i cant remember what happened.
this week we were finally able to teach the familia V. we weren't able to meet with them or almost a whole month because they were both working so much. but X., the mom, is pregnant and shes going to have her baby is less than 2 weeks! and shes gigantic! we invited them to be baptized and they said yes but when we invited them to be baptized on a specific date they said it was too early, they want to know more. their son, V. just turned 12 and he wants to get baptized but he wants to get baptized on the Jesus´birthday, Christmas... thats a long time away. so we`ll see about that haha.
we had family history orientation for all the missionaries in valdivia. an hermano from Utah came to speak to us about how we can use family history, specifically the pamphlet, my family, to do mission work. well now i need to fill out my own pamphlet, so mom, can you send me all the information that you sent scott, thanks!
with the other hermanas we made little paper flowers for mothers day and gave them out to all the women in our ward. we made extra so we could give them to investigators too. they turned out super cute.
today for pday hno R. (with Marg, of course) took us all to his house to make and eat pizza. he lives in a huge house thats over 100 years old. its way out in the campo/country. he lives around a whole bunch of woods and we went out and explored and it was so beautiful. it was super fun and now we all want to take naps haha.
thanks for all your love and support.
yesterday i felt so happy to be able to talk to my family. I know that we will be together forever. when i think about i, 9 months isnt that long. I know that being a missionary is the best choice ive ever made. Its hard, but i dont regret it. I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for giving me so many great experiences and so many wonderful people to love. I know that through the savior Jesus Christ i can do all things. i know that families can be together forever.
love, hermana williams

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