Wednesday, July 8, 2015

May 25, 2015- New Chapter

hola familia y amigos,

this week was crazy with all the problems of my backpack and hna conde saying goodbye and packing and still trying to work and receiving a new companion. im glad that its finally all over. 

I think monday and tuesday were some of my most stressful days in the mission. we had to go around to the police, the registro civil to take care of all the paper work of my stolen backpack and to start the process of a new carnet. we also had to go around and say goodbye to soooo many people and hna conde has a lot of stuff so packing was crazy. saying goodbye to M. and R. was rough, hna alonso is leaving too so it was the end of a very long chapter of our lives the 6 of us. Im probably never going to see hna alonso again... but i will see hna conde next week when we have a zone meeting haha. 

wednesday i said goodbye to hna conde which wasn't too hard, but i was still sad to lose her as a companion. we've grown a lot together. i received my new companion Hermana Espinoza! shes from Paraguay. she was in villa rica before coming here and hna Coombs was her companion! she has 6 months in the mission. shes really fun, very clean, very funny and really hard working. 
im senior companion now which is new and scary. she follows just a little bit behind me when we walk and shes already started teasing me about how im ¨dying¨or finishing my mission really soon. for her she feels like her mission will still last an eternity. 

we worked really hard for the past 5 days we've been together. and we come home so tired but its a good kind of tired. we dont really have anyone who`s progressing so we spent  lot of this week contacting, visiting and trying to find new people to teach. 

its been really cold and rainy here this week. the most rain i've seen in my entire life and the cold reminds me of punta arenas haha. 

sorry i don't have any photos to send of my new companion.... i dont have a camera anymore. 

thanks for all the encouragement and emails and support. 

i know that this is the work of the lord and im really grateful for my mission. im really grateful for the time ive had here with hna conde. im going to miss it but im excited for the next chapter. 

have  great week!

love, hermana williams

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